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Like Open Source Forms-ADF Swing Applications with JDeveloper 11g
Topic: ADF
Owner: Sten Vesterli
Date: 2008-07-25
Subtopic: Kaleidoscope 2008

To a Forms developer, JDeveloper and Java development can seem rather intimidating. Especially if you are trying to build a Forms-like application (called an ADF Swing application in JDev-speak). You receive little guidance from books or Web sites. This presentation shows you how you can use JDeveloper for declarative development just like Oracle Form —dragging items onto a canvas and adding trigger code to handle necessary processing. A few things differ, naturally, and these are explained in the presentation. Topics include how an ADF Swing application has separate business and user interface tiers, how the right choice of Layout Manager removes the complexity of Java screen layout, and how to choose whether to place your code in the business logic tier or the user interface tier. The presentation is wrapped up with a brief examination of the code that JDeveloper builds for you to inspect and change if necessary.

Download File   Vesteril2.doc

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