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Google Maps, ADF Faces, and Oracle Locator
Topic: ADF
Owner: John Flack
Date: 2008-09-02
Subtopic: Technical Journal

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration operates a Web application to help people locate substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States. Synectics for Management Decisions is proud to have been for many years the designer, developer, and operator of this application. The current production version, which can be found at, uses C# and ASP .net to access the Microsoft MapPoint Web service and show treatment facilities on maps generated by MapPoint. Microsoft wrote this part of the application, but we are responsible for maintaining the source code. Until recently, we had no programmers on our team who were truly proficient with these languages–we are mostly Oracle PL/SQL and Forms developers. Much of the rest of the Web site is Web PL/SQL, some of which is hand coded and some PL/SQL Server Pages, or static HTML with a little Javascript. The Microsoft portions run ona server under IIS, while the PL/SQL and HTML portions run on another server under Oracle Application Server, since we couldn’t get both Web servers to work on the same machine.

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