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Oracle Tools Direction: Oracle ADF through the Oracle Forms Looking Glass
Topic: ADF
Owner: Grant Ronald
Date: 2009-02-24
Subtopic: Technical Journal

A couple of months back I was following an interesting thread on the ODTUG mail lists pinging around the topic of people with a long history in Oracle Forms who were anxious about the whole Java/Fusion question: how to evolve your current, hard earned development experiences to the Oracle ADF world used by Oracle’s own Fusion Applications. What struck me from that discussion was that it wasn’t so much the question of picking up a new language that was causing trepidation–after all, a Java statement looks pretty much like its PL/SQL cousin–but the concern that the concepts and the way of thinking that have been instilled through years of Forms, PL/SQL, and database development might be completely redundant. This is a reasonable concern to have, so let’s see if we can’t take a look at the world of Oracle ADF, and the ADF choices Fusion Applications have made, through a Forms looking glass.

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