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ADF ON-RAMP: What You Need To Know To Use The ADF Fusion Technology Stack
Topic: ADF
Owner: Peter Koletzke
Date: 2009-10-27
Subtopic: Technical Journal

Developing a Java-oriented Web application these days is an experience that many Oracle technologists find to be new but not necessarily very pleasant. Architecting such an application requires selecting a set of technologies from a dauntingly-large and ever-growing list. Up to now, the responsibility for combining these technologies and ensuring that they communicate and work together in an orderly way has been left up to each organization. The path of selecting and working with different Java-oriented frameworks can inevitably lead to wrong turns, especially for those who are new to the Java world. Depending upon when those wrong turns occur, the effect on the project can range from mild to devastating and will likely require rewriting some or most of the application.

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