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The Quick-Start Guide to ADF: The Why and the How
Topic: ADF
Owner: Frederic Desbiens
Date: 2014-06-24
Subtopic: Kscope14

The longest journey starts with one step. But sometimes its difficult to know in which direction. This session is an accelerated guide as to WHY ADF might be important to you, WHAT it is, and HOW you develop using it. Presented by the author of "The Quick Start Guide", this is the definitive guide (base around show and tell, and not just power point) to getting the right knowledge to make an informed decision on Oracle ADF.
Note to paper selection commitee, ideally this works well as an extended session e.g. 2 hours, but can fit into 1 if needed.

Download File   The Quick-Start Guide to ADF-ADF.mp4

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