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Topic: ADF
Owner: Aino Andriessen
Date: 2009-09-22
Subtopic: Kaleidoscope 2009

JDeveloper with the ADF framework offers a productive environment for the development of enterprise JEE applications. The declarative approach is accessible and comprehensive for many developers, novice as well as expert. However, at the same time, ADF development can also be quite complex and challenging. In this session we´d like to share our experiences on ADF development and provide you with best practices, tips and trics, do´s and don´t´s etc. We´ve done several ADF projects and over the years we have improved our ADF development greatly. So learn from us, from our positive and negative experiences and from the lessons we've learned and see how you can apply them to your own environment to enhance your ADF development experience and to increase the quality of your applications.

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