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Ready, Get Set, Go Mobile
Topic: ADF
Owner: Joe Huang
Date: 2014-06-03
Subtopic: Kscope14

iOS, Android, RIM, native, hybrid, web-based, ADF Mobile, device-native, HTML5, AMX, PhoneGap, Cordova, iTunes, GooglePlay, XCode - if you're looking into mobile application development, this is just some of the vocab you're probably trying to get your head around. The different mobile developer programs can seem daunting and vary in complexity; for instance with iOS you need to understand and consider developer licenses, developer certificates, profiles, device registration, and work within the iOS portal. What about your teams and the mobile paradigm; do you need new skills, processes, and IT procedures and even hardware to be successful in mobile? Are there best practices and design patterns to follow? How and where do you test and distribute your mobile applications? Are you ready for rolling updates of iOS/Android requiring instant fixes to your app? Join this session for a introduction to making the most of mobile. As lead of the Oracle Mobile Development Program office, Susan has first-hand experience in navigating and making sense of the terminology and challenges that face teams stepping into the mobile development world. Benefit from her insights and experience and learn how to quickstart your mobile development. And the good news? It's not as daunting as you think - if you're an Application Development Framework (ADF) or Fusion developer you are already a mobile developer. If not, come and see how you can be!

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