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Customizing Fusion Applications
Topic: ADF
Owner: Gary V. Williams
Date: 2014-05-27
Subtopic: Kscope14

Customizing an application is just part of the business. In the old days, customizing required lots of code and usually broke the upgrade path, both of which are expensive propositions.
With Oracle Fusion Applications, the customization path can be dependent on your installation. If you are a Cloud customer, the path may be different than if you have an on-premise install.
Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) provides a way to customize applications declaratively that doesn’t interfere with future upgrades. In this session you will see the tools and techniques that Oracle provides for customization. There are two main paths to customization: Runtime customization, using Oracle Composers, and Design time customization, using JDeveloper. In this session, you will see the difference and when and how to use each technique.

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