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Building a Context-aware Employee Portal in a Heterogeneous IT Landscape Based on WebCenter Suite 11g by Leveraging Portlets and ADF Task Flows
Topic: ADF
Owner: Niels de Bruijn
Date: 2011-07-29
Subtopic: Kscope11

This presentation starts by demonstrating an employee portal based on WebCenter Spaces that provides relevant company information stored in SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. Next, we take a look into the various implementation techniques used to get the information displayed in the portal. For instance, see how you can integrate Microsoft Sharepoint in WebCenter Spaces, utilize the Portlet technology to get non-ADF-based programs integrated, and how to integrate an ADF Task Flow exposed as a Portlet using the ADF Portlet Bridge. Our next topic focuses on the wiring of information pieces within the portal. Learn how you can achieve inter-component communication by utilizing features of the WSRP 2.0 specification or by using contextual events to make the portal context-aware and more productive for the end user.

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