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ADF Developers - Make the Database Work for You
Topic: ADF
Owner: Luc Bors
Date: 2011-08-10
Subtopic: Kscope11

Most ADF applications interact with an (Oracle) RDBMS. It has been proven many times over that it really pays off to strike a good balance between ADF and Database - exploring which tool is best suited for which job and how the two can optimally leverage each other. This session discusses the various points of interaction between database and ADF and when to use which - for example Cursors, Types and Collections, XML as well as interaction via HTTP. The session will focus on ADF BC but will mention JPA and plain JDBC as well. It also highlights some special database features - hierarchical query, flashback, result cache, View with Instead Of Trigger, Analytical Functions - that ADF applications can leverage or should employ - security, database tracing, cache refresh through DB Query ResultSet Change Notification, constraints, and exception handling. Attendees learn what the database can do for their ADF application. They will be able to make better design decisions about how to implement functionality, which tier(s) to use, and how they can best work together.

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