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Replicating NetFlix Queue Drag-and-Drop Functionality with Oracle Application Express/jQuery
Topic: Application Express Files
Owner: Doug Gault
Date: 2010-09-08
Subtopic: Kaleidoscope 2010

Although Oracle Application Express enables you to create very robust Web-based applications in a very short timeframe, there are areas where the UI can be extended into the realm of Web 2.0. jQuery, one of the most popular open source JavaScript libraries, and can be used to add sophisticated user interface functionality to Web-based applications. To demonstrate this functionality, this session shows, step-by-step, how Oracle Application Express and jQuery can be used to fairly easily duplicate the functionality of the NetFlix movie queue. You'll gain an understanding of the basic structure of the jQuery library, and how it can be integrated into Oracle Application Express and used to implement some very impressive interface techniques.

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