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Oracle Data Integrator 12c New Features
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Jérôme Françoisse
Date: 2014-06-22
Subtopic: Kaleidoscope 2008

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c is the major release that deeply changes the way integration jobs are developed. Keeping its strengths but getting closer to Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), it's more than ever the best-of-breed Data Integration tool. This session aims at introducing the new features of ODI 12c, depicting its architecture and showing how it's close from OWB from a developer point of view. After an overview of ODI architecture, we will do a deep dive in the new flow-based paradigm with the new mappings and reusable mappings. The participants will then hear about all the other changes and benefits of these new version including the debugger, the new component knowledge modules, the Common Administration Module, the lineage and impact analysis, the improvement in the parallelism, the reducing of log writing overhead, the new integration type selection, the deployment specifications and much more. After discovering - and surely loving - it, the participants will be explained how to move from their current configuration to this new release. The upgrade from former version of ODI and the different migration paths from OWB will therefore be covered.

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