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ODI 12c: Flexible Data Integration for Agile BI Implementations
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Holger Friedrich
Date: 2014-05-26
Subtopic: Kscope14

Finally the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c release has arrived. After many years of development this marks a new era for Oracle data integrating products. Named after the ODI product line, it is much more than a simple new release. In fact, it is an exciting combination of the best concepts of the old Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder product lines. The latter brings flow-based design and powerful code generation for Oracle databases to the table, whereas traditional ODI strengths like declarative design, suitability for heterogeneous environments and extensibility with custom code templates (a.k.a Knowledge Modules) remain the foundation of the new release. Also the 12c release uses the ELT data processing strategy, that ODI as well as OWB already used before, thus eliminating the need for mid-tier transformation servers

This combination of features is unique in the market place, Ok, but why is that good for large Business Intelligence and also for Data Warehouse implementations? Well, BI and DWH projects are usually happening in diverse technical environment. Data is to be drawn from databases and applications from various vendors using multiple extraction, transformation and loading engines. Whereas Data Warehouses are usually focused on one target technology, Business Intelligence projects do tend to involve not only multiple sources, but also often use multiple or changing targets for aggregate computation and storage, e.g. Essbase, TimesTen, Oracle Database etc. Of course Oracle BI does offer Aggregate Builder and, on Exalytics, Summary Advisor as features that generate scripts for aggregate computation. However, especially in larger organizations, complex environments, and for maintenance and audit reasons the use of DI tools is often preferred or even mandatory. And here the unique feature set of ODI 12c makes the difference.

ODI 12c is the only DI tool that separates ELT logic from technical implementation in the design phase. Therefore, one has to implement the logic of data extraction, loading, and transformation only once. Afterwards, different technical implementations for different technologies can easily be added. Let's look at an example, one models example data extraction from a Data Warehouse, another data feed, pre-aggregation, and storage of aggregates on a logical level first. Initially, one may want to store the aggregates in a regular Oracle database. ODI 12c will generate the technical implementation for this all by itself, just like OWB used to do. Should the organisation later on decide to move their BI implementation to Exalytics, moving the aggregates into TimesTen or Essbase with it, the developers only have to add the technical implementations for these targets and the already present logical design in ODI 12c, using the available Code Templates and maybe customising some of it. The entire business logic remains unchanged and is re-used. Thus, additional effort is minimised, maximum efficiency and agility is reached, and quality of the initial solution is maintained.

This presentation will explain and demonstrate the scenario, features, and benefits of using ODI 12c in the BI realm as it was described above. Live demonstrations using ODI 12c for aggregate computation, targeting different environments (Oracle Database, TimesTen, MySQL) will be given. This way, attendees will learn why ODI 12c is the perfect DI product for BI projects and how its major features can be used in, typically fast changing BI environments. Thus, they will be enabled to achieve better BI performance and faster customer requirement satisfaction, with less effort, while not sacrificing solution quality.

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