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Sorry, McGinley: Even Advanced OBIEE Modeling and Front-End Features Show Big Ten Football < SEC Football!
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Jeremy David Harms
Date: 2014-05-28
Subtopic: Kscope14

Using a college football data warehouse comprised of detail play-by-play statistics, I’ll illustrate some potentially lesser known OBIEE modeling, front-end features and graphing approaches I recently leveraged on various BI projects that I hadn’t used or explored before. All the illustrations, of course, will be based around my favorite kind of data on planet Earth – college football stats.

A “how to” of some OBIEE topics will include:

* Newer OBIEE front-end options you may have missed
* Presentation Hierarchy column oddities and modeling workarounds against relational data sets
* Smart View based analyses against OBIEE
* Logical Table Source considerations and approaches
* Specialized graph displays for improved (slider bar based) animated illustrations

Ultimately, the end goal – or perhaps, “end zone” in this case – will be that of a harmonious narrative of advanced OBIEE features that tell a tale as to why the SEC trounces poor Kevin McGinley’s Big 10... Sorry Kevin.

Whether you actually care about the various OBIEE topics above, want to have a laugh at Kevin’s expense, or just come to heckle/hiss/cheer for your favorite or most reviled college football conference, then this is probably the talk for you.

Download File   Sorry, McGinley Even Advanced OBIEE Modeling-BI.mp4

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