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Well, It’s About Time: Outside-the-Box Alternatives to the Out-of-the-Box OBIEE Time Series Functions
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: Jonathan R Gard
Date: 2014-05-28
Subtopic: Kscope14

OBIEE provides some very useful and user-friendly time series modeling functions: TODATE, AGO and

PERIODROLLING. As friendly and easy as they may be to use, however, you may find from time to time

that the SQL generated and the runtime performance cost to execute them may prove to be too cost


This tag-team presentation between two experienced OBIEE consultants will show alternative

approaches to these traditional out of the box BI time series functions. Jonathan and Jeremy will give

head-to-head demo comparisons, a review of the generated SQLs and performance/cost, and pros vs.

cons of each approach when one might be preferable to the other.

Options covered will include:

• Review of the "classic" OBIEE approaches that predate TODATE/AGO

• FILTER(ex USING(time vars)) functions with presentation variables

• Densely ranked lists

• Time series using set operations

• Static time series using MSUM(ex), RSUM(ex), MAX(ex) and AGGR(ex BY RANK-/+(interval))

At the end of it all, attendees will be armed with some alternatives that they can pull from in their bag of

OBIEE tricks whenever they might be needed – just in the nick of time...

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