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Implement Right-Time Data Loading with Oracle Warehouse Builder
Topic: Business Intelligence Files
Owner: David Allan
Date: 2010-08-30
Subtopic: Kaleidoscope 2010

Real-time, micro-batching or in batch, which ETL strategy are you adopting these days? Most probably you will be doing all of the above in some form or fashion now or in the near future. The big question is how to leverage your Oracle data warehouse environment to get all of this done in a relatively short time span. Oracle Warehouse Builder allows you to load an Oracle data warehouse in batch, micro-batch or real-time today. Best of all, you can easily move between these strategies without having to learn a completely new tool or language. In this session you will learn from the expert. No fluff, no marketing just plain product knowledge and real tips and tricks on how to leverage the newest features in OWB for right-time data loading. You will learn how to leverage the file un-loaders and code templates to do fast batch loading, you will learn how to leverage different code templates and some of the newest ETL features to run change data capture and real-time mappings within the same OWB product. After this session you will understand how to give your ETL a makeover using the tooling you know. Whether you are on Oracle 10g or Oracle 11g, OWB allows you to leverage the database for these ETL needs.

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