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It’s that time of year again, time to vote for the ODTUG Board. Articles IV and VI of the ODTUG Bylaws call for an election of five (5) members to the 2014-2015 Board of Directors. Voting opens on October 9, 2013, and ends on October 29, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. (PDT). Vote Now

This year, we have sixteen (16) candidates to choose from for five positions. Be sure to read all the campaign statements and biographies of the candidates to learn about their passion and drive for ODTUG.

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Get to know the candidates by checking out how they answered a few pre-election questions here.

Ron Backmann Danny Bryant
Dean Collura Roger Cressey
Natalie Delemar
   Martin D'Souza
Shane Elder Cindy Eichner
Monty Latiolais Osama Mustafa Juan Porter   Len Romano 
David Schleis   Tariq Shahabedden Mia Urman Mark Wilson
Ron Backmann, Humana
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Ron-BackmannBW.jpg Campaign Statement

During the past six years, I have been a consumer of what ODTUG has to offer. Now I wish to help to continue the growth of this community. This community has embraced me and allowed me to make many valuable friends, fostering relationships with several people I never would have met otherwise.

Over the next two years, I hope to bring my perspective to the board and work closely with them to continue the growth that this board has overseen for the past several years. I have a vision of a more integrated ODTUG experience. With my background and career inside a large organization, I have a perspective that would lend some value to the board.
When elected, I understand the demands will be many but I am up to the task. I am ready to volunteer my time to an organization that has embraced me and shown me its goodwill. Please consider a vote for Ron Backmann.

Thank you for your time!

Biographical Statement

Ron Backmann has been an ODTUG member since 2005. Ron has been with Humana for sixteen years, the last several as an information management manager. During a brief time away from Humana, Ron was exposed to Oracle APEX and the ODTUG community.

Supplying information support and prototyping solutions for later integration into corporate systems is what Ron and his team do. With the help of the ODTUG community and the toolset that he learned about at ODTUG, Ron has been able to take part in building a division with Humana that has grown from 150 associates in 2007 to almost 4,000 by the end of 2012. The growth of this organization is helping the aging population age more gracefully and is bending the cost curve for Humana.

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Danny Bryant, City of Atlanta
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Campaign Statement

Greetings, ODTUG. I am seeking election to represent you on the ODTUG Board of Directors. I became a member of ODTUG a few years ago and, while relatively new to ODTUG, I believe I can bring a fresh view to continue promoting and advancing the great work that our user group does. My goal is to work with our board and the ODTUG membership to advance the organization's goals and open new opportunities for the membership.

After my first Kscope, I was hooked. ODTUG has provided a depth and breadth of information to me that is unmatched, and it's only fair that I give back.

Biographical Statement

After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in computer science, he began his professional career as a network engineer with Lockheed. Danny used the next seventeen years to build a wealth of experience in the IT industry as a systems administrator for Atlanta Life Insurance Company, and as a senior consulting engineer for Andersen LLP in its Business Consulting Group. One of the most interesting things of Danny's career was the opportunity he got to teach SQL and data modeling in Europe for the Oracle Academy. Danny Bryant currently operates as the ERP technical team lead for the City of Atlanta in Georgia, where he manages a team that supports the city's suite of Oracle applications.

Danny's Oracle exposure portfolio includes:

  • E-Business Suite
  • Hyperion
  • SQL and Data Modeling
  • SQL Developer
  • Oracle DB 10, 11, 12c
  • Linux

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Dean Collura,  Vertical Edge Consulting Group
Learn more about Dean!

Campaign Statement

My exposure to ODTUG came via Kscope in 2012 when our firm participated as an exhibitor for the first time. During that experience, I found the opportunity to connect with customers and to be exposed to great content was unparalleled. The leadership at that time welcomed our firm with arms open and encouraged us to provide feedback to continue improving the experience for both exhibitors and attendees.

Fast forward a couple of years and we are now a platinum sponsor for Kscope14.

In the interim I have shared several ideas to help the conference continue to be a "best of class" experience, and I am passionate about seeing continued growth in the quality of educational content delivered, awareness, expanded networking opportunities, and targeted mind sharing events.

A couple of examples recently shared with the board were 1.) creating an alliance with Oracle Sales to spring board awareness of the conference and 2.) improving content classification in the sessions so advanced and beginner-level users attend the sessions that will be most aligned with their experience level. If the board is in agreement, these are two areas I would like to continue to drive.

It is my goal to work with the ODTUG Board of Directors to strengthen the organization's ability to expand and reach users in every community while consistently delivering and making available great content for its members and their interests.

I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to serving and helping anyway I can. Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Statement

Dean Collura is the director of sales for Vertical Edge Consulting Group. He has more than ten years of relationship management and sales experience, with a track record for creating new markets that drive organizational growth. Dean is responsible for expansion and support initiatives of the firm’s growing customer base and oversees all levels of the sales cycle. Dean holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics and a master’s in entrepreneurship in applied technologies from the University of South Florida. Prior to joining VECG, Dean held several leadership positions, including director of business development and regional director in the technology industry.

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Roger Cressey, Qubix
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Roger-CresseyBW.jpg Campaign Statement

I have now been to Kaleidescope for a number of years and have found it to be a well-organized event, where—even as a seasoned consultant—I am able to share and learn new and better ways of doing things. I am a group owner of my company that operates on four continents, and as well as making a contribution here in the US, I am keen to see this kind of quality event rolled out to other parts of the world. I believe this to be an excellent medium to both get to know the community and to participate in giving back to it.

Biographical Statement

I am a group director for all four companies— based in Australia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and the United States—under the Qubix umbrella. I have been instrumental in the establishment and growth of all four companies so far.
I continue to focus on developing Qubix’s relationships with overseas customers and in managing the growth of the Qubix brand as a whole. My current emphasis is to establish the Qubix brand in the US.
I have secured, planned, and overseen numerous projects, including the implementation of Enterprise Performance Management Solutions at multiple companies in multiple business sectors, ranging from banking and investment banks to consumer products, construction to industrial products, and film to airline companies.
These applications have spanned management accounting, performance scorecards, funds under management, logistics, sales revenue, and profitability, among other things.

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Natalie Delemar, Ernst & Young
Learn more about Natalie!

Campaign Statement

My name is Natalie Delemar and I've attended every Kscope since 2008. I served on the Hyperion SIG Board in various capacities from 2008-2011 and have been the EPM/BI content chair for the prior three Kscopes. I am now Kscope14’s co-conference chair, with responsibility for all of Kscope14 along with Mike Riley.

But I’ve done more than just help select some of the best EPM conference content extant anywhere – I’ve also actively solicited partners to expand the reach of our wonderful conference. It has always been my vision to make Kscope the universal Oracle user conference. To further that vision, I worked with Oracle to bring key product management to Kscope, reached out to training organizations to bring challenging hands on labs, and worked with Oracle and the ODTUG Board of Directors to make Kscope the place for customer and partner advisory board meetings.
In case you can’t tell, I love ODTUG. I love the knowledge sharing it stands for. I love the conferences it runs. I love the many special and caring people I’ve met internally within ODTUG. I love the opportunities it has afforded me; I am aware that my interactions with Oracle product and development management would never have happened if not for ODTUG.
As an ODTUG board member, I will bring all of the passion, enthusiasm, and appetite for volunteer work that I have consistently demonstrated over the past five years. With your vote, I hope to continue to expand my work with ODTUG. As both a member of the ODTUG Board and Kscope co-conference chair, I believe I can bring a unique combination of perspective, responsibility, and originality to the position.Thank you.

Biographical Statement

Natalie Delemar is a consultant with Ernst & Young. She has been working with Essbase since 1999 and Planning since 2007. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2010, she was an Essbase developer for AT&T, formerly Bellsouth, and has held roles as Hyperion administrator and Hyperion systems manager at various companies. She has been a volunteer with ODTUG since 2008 and currently serves as Kscope13's EPM/BI content chair.

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Martin D'Souza, ClariFit
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Campaign Statement

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege to represent the Oracle APEX community as a director for ODTUG. I have made the decision to run again this year for the ODTUG board and am looking for your support in doing so.

During my two-year tenure, I have been involved in several committees within ODTUG that have helped bring conferences around the world, improved marketing initiatives, and organized developer contests.

I have been able to build strong relationships with other ODTUG board members, Oracle employees, and many developers in the APEX community. These relationships have allowed me to be a liaison between all three groups and help to relay ideas and opportunities to the appropriate parties. I hope to continue to be able to facilitate open communication over the next two years.

I am looking for your vote to continue as an ODTUG board member to represent developers within one of the world’s largest Oracle user groups. Thank you in advance for your support.

Biographical Statement

Martin D'Souza is the CTO and cofounder at ClariFit, a consulting firm that specializes in APEX and PL/SQL development and training. He is also a volunteer director for ODTUG. Martin’s career has seen him hold a range of positions within award-winning companies. His experience in the technology industry has been focused on developing database-centric web applications using the Oracle technology stack. Martin is the author of the popular blog, a designated Oracle ACE Director, coauthored and authored various APEX books, and is an active participant in various open source projects, such as Logger. He has also presented at numerous international conferences, such as APEXposed!, COUG, Oracle OpenWorld, and ODTUG Kscope, for which he won the Presenter of the Year award in 2011. Martin holds a computer engineering degree from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. You can contact Martin via email at or by Twitter @martindsouza.

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Shane Edler, TopDown Consulting
Learn more about Shane!

Campaign Statement

As an active ODTUG participant, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the community by serving on its board. I have over fifteen years of EPM training and consulting experience, which gives me a well-rounded perspective. Working with clients, I’ve gained a 360-degree perspective on how EPM works in various environments and cultures. Developing custom training has made me aware of what’s successful, what are pain points that could have been resolved, and lessons learned—what did we do well and what could we have done better. In addition, I can draw on a wealth of industry experience, including the broader aspects of technical development and how it impacts users. And finally, I have helped develop certification questions for Hyperion Software for Planning and HFM.

As a board member, I’d like to concentrate on the user experience.
My specific focus would include:

  • Improving the online experience for the user community—better organization for materials so members can get where they need to go faster.
  • Working with others to make sure ODTUG resources are well utilized by looking for different ways to promote, including advanced visibility.
  • Participation in the Online Education Committee and help enhance and grow it.
  • I have found ODTUG to be a great place to exchange information and share ideas. I am grateful for the outstanding benefits I’ve received as a member and would like to give back to the community by serving on its board.

Thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Statement

Shane Edler has worked over fifteen years in the EPM field. A Hyperion Certified Professional on Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Essbase, highlights of his experience include development and delivery of beginner to advanced EPM training, Hyperion application design, build, and deployment, and all facets of product documentation. In addition, he has helped develop certification questions for Hyperion Software for Planning and HFM. Shane currently works as a solutions architect, specializing in EPM for TopDown Consulting. Prior to TopDown, he worked for more than twelve years as a senior principal consultant, user adoption services, and senior principal consultant, technical services for Oracle. Shane holds a bachelor of arts in communications studies from Texas Tech University. He is also a frequent conference speaker and active user community participant.

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Cindy Eichner, Finit Solutions
Learn more about Cindy!
Cindy Eichner Campaign Statement

I have been involved in the Hyperion user community for over sixteen years and would like to help shape the future of ODTUG and Kscope, which provide amazing opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas. Their growth must continue. I have benefited from so many and by being a board member. I will be able to give back to the user and developer communities.

I am willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to be a board member and to use my associations with users, developers, Oracle employees, product managers, clients, and other partners to further the growth and reach of ODTUG. My international experience with many industries will allow me to provide the board with not only the viewpoint of a specialized Hyperion consultant with expansive database experience, but also insight to the skills, education, and tools needed by individuals and organizations building and maintaining applications and systems worldwide.

I want to be your advocate to make ODTUG and Kscope what you want it to be. I will seek the input of the membership at large and together, with my experience and the knowledge of pain points encountered by members in the past, we will help the board in determining future areas of focus. I will bring to the board the perspective, leadership experience, and open-mindedness required to be an effective ODTUG ambassador.

I thank you for your consideration, and with your vote I hope to serve you as a board member. 

Biographical Statement

 Cindy leads the Planning, Essbase and BI practice at Finit Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in the Hyperion suite of products. She is a seasoned professional who has been delivering performance management solutions for over thirty years, utilizing the Hyperion suite for the past sixteen years, SQL databases and Nomad. She is a certified implementation specialist for Essbase, Planning, HFM, and DRM. Prior to joining Finit, she had her own consulting practice and she also spent some time leading the Hyperion Center of Excellence at a large global financial services organization. Not only does she architect solutions while leading large projects and teams, but she continues to be technically hands-on with all of the software she has encountered over the years. She very successfully bridges the functional with the technical. She has presented at Kscope, delivered several webinars, written articles, mentored clients and consultants, and delivered training on four continents.

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Monty Latiolais, SC Global Tubular Solutions
Learn more about Monty!
Campaign Statement

In January of 2010, the membership of ODTUG saw fit to place me on the board of directors. It was, and continues to be, a tremendous honor to serve with the other members of the board in charting the future course of the organization. True, it involves considerable sacrifice, but ODTUG is worth it—you’re worth it.

I’ve had the privilege of serving as your president since June of 2012. Since that time, the organization has rolled out a new website, a new logo, an online job board, and increased our influence by purchasing APEXblogs. At the same time, our Kscope conference continues to grow in size and stature. For me, it’s always felt as much like a family reunion as it does a world-class technical conference.

I ask you for the opportunity to continue to fill the seat I’ve occupied these last four years. I have the desire, the dedication, and the experience to best represent you and your interests. If you believe, as I do, that the organization is moving in the right direction and our best years are ahead of us, I would appreciate your support.

My name is Monty Latiolais and I approve this message.

Biographical Statement

Monty Latiolais has more than twenty-five years of experience in information technology and more than a dozen years of experience with Oracle.

He has been a member of ODTUG since 2003 and has volunteered in many areas, including the ODTUG executive conference committee, the ODTUG abstract review committee, the ODTUG Technical Journal Editor’s Choice Awards panel, ODTUG Oracle OpenWorld content chair, and was recognized as the ODTUG 2009 Volunteer of the Year. Monty has been on the ODTUG Board of Directors for four years, with the last year and a half serving as president.

He is currently serving as the senior programmer analyst with SC Global Tubular Solutions, a Sumitomo Corporation subsidiary specializing in OCTG supply chain management. He spends his days working with Application Express, Oracle Forms, and Oracle Reports, writing complex analytics, and counting the days until the next Kscope conference.

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Osama Mustafa, Gurus Solutions
Learn more about Osama!
Campaign Statement

If elected, I will try my best to prove quality for ODTUG. My first steps will be to publish ODTUG’s name everywhere, manage and interact with people on all levels through social media, and add new challenges and ideas. It's not easy but I will do my best to do it. It's something I love to do. I will serve ODTUG. I want to thank you and thank this amazing group that allows us to share our knowledge under one community, which is Oracle.

Biographical Statement

Osama Mustafa – Oracle ACE, a database specialist, Certified Oracle Professional (10g, 11g), Certified Ethical hacker (Penetration testing), and Sun System Administrator, author of book Oracle Penetration Testing. Publishes many articles, including Oracle database articles in his blog,Fusion Middle Ware and Oracle RAC Documentation, Including to this he is Active Member On Oracle OTN and other Groups.

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Juan Porter, TopDown Consulting
Juan Porter Campaign Statement

Thank you for considering me as one of your representatives on the ODTUG Board. As an active member of the Oracle Hyperion community, the Oracle Hyperion Partner Advisory Council, participant and speaker in and for various Hyperion user groups, former chair of Hyperion’s National Steering Committee, and leader of many Hyperion enhancement committees, I welcome the opportunity to contribute to ODTUG as a board member.

I began my career working with Hyperion applications more than twenty-five years ago. Throughout this time, I have worked with and supported Hyperion applications, gaining client, vendor, and consulting experience that provides me with a complete view on the changing needs of organizations. I also present regularly for OAUG, ODTUG, and other industry groups. As a regular blogger and frequent speaker, I’ve contributed articles to various industry publications, including CIO Insight, Enterprise Apps Today, and

I have learned that user groups like ODTUG play a key role in facilitating communication and learning, and ensure users have a valuable support network. As a board member, my goal is to contribute the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years from the above and work collaboratively with the other members of the ODTUG Board to continue expanding the technical resources—documents, training, online education.

Again, thank you for your consideration.

Biographical Statement

Juan Porter is the president and founder of TopDown Consulting. He has over twenty-five years of combined client, vendor, and consultant experience with Oracle Hyperion. He is a member of the Oracle Hyperion Partner Advisory Council. Industry analysts and authors frequently seek his expertise on the future direction of EPM, current Hyperion releases, as well as insight into strategic and practical ways to solve business problems using Hyperion. Juan has authored articles for publications such as, CIO Insight, Enterprise Applications, and he blogs regularly on Juan also regularly presents for OAUG, ODTUG, and other industry groups.

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Len Romano, Emtec
Learn more about Len!

Campaign Statement

With over thirty years of experience working with applications as a finance and accounting professional as well as working for software makers Hyperion and Oracle and now a system integrator, I feel I have the complete picture of the lifecycle of applications. Through my experiences, I have a full understanding of how critical it is that IT and finance work together to ensure that the applications in use and to be used in the future bring significant improvement to the business environment. What drives this relationship is ensuring that end users, system administrators and IT, and finance management have the tools and information available to them to work harmoniously to drive application excellence. It is my goal to continue to provide this community with the most available information access and leverage all current and future technologies to achieve business excellence. Working with Oracle and its development teams is a critical aspect of the drive toward excellence, and my experience with working for Oracle can bring added value. It is with this experience and knowledge that I request your support in making ODTUG the go-to organization for the entire Oracle user community.

Biographical Statement

Len Romano is currently a senior EPM specialist at Emtec, an Oracle System Integrator. Len has significant experience in working with all types of business applications during his career in finance and accounting, combined with his time spent working at Hyperion and Oracle, and now as a system integrator. Through the years, Len has presented at numerous seminars, conferences, and end user events. He also has real-life experiences and working knowledge of the value that teamwork between finance and IT brings to organizations across vertical industries. He has been involved in software selection processes for ERP, BI, consolidation as well as budgeting and forecasting applications. He also has been involved in application development as well as software sales.

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David Schleis, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene
Learn more about David!

Campaign Statement

I would like to be your voice on the ODTUG Board. I have been a member of ODTUG since 1999 and I began volunteering the next year. I spent a year on the ODTUG Board, and it was a highlight of my career. I learned a lot about the organization, and believe I can offer a fresh and meaningful perspective as ODTUG continues to grow.

I also served as the content co-chair for Kscope12; this allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of this vital function of ODTUG. In addition to the satisfaction of seeing the return on the investment of so much time, this position gave me the opportunity to meet and talk with Oracle program managers and vice presidents, which will be useful when representing ODTUG to Oracle.

If elected I will use the knowledge gained and lessons learned from my many years of volunteering with ODTUG to advocate on your behalf. I believe that the goals of this users’ group should echo the goals of its membership, so I need to hear from you.

The makeup of our membership has changed considerably since I first joined ODTUG fourteen years ago. We have come a long way as an organization, but we still have room to grow as a community.
My primary goal as a member of the ODTUG Board will be to foster communication and collaboration between the diverse specialties within our user community. If you share this goal, I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Biographical Statement

David Schleis is a systems architect at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, a laboratory that provides analytical services for clinical, environmental, and industrial hygiene clients around the world.
Although beginning as a chemist, Dave has been working in IT for over twenty years, and has been using Oracle for the majority of that time. He recently completed work on the rewrite of a large Forms and Reports 6i application to JEE web applications using Grails. Dave is also working on the implementation of an Oracle-based Laboratory Information Management System.

David has previously served on the ODTUG Board, and was the content co-chair of the unbelievably successful Kscope12 conference. He has been a regular presenter at ODTUG conferences and is a two-time winner of the coveted Editor’s Choice Award. He has had articles printed in several publications, and has presented at Collaborate and Oracle OpenWorld to rave reviews.

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Tariq Shahabedden, Applications Experts Consulting
Learn more about Tariq!
Campaign Statement

I welcome an opportunity to contribute to the work of ODTUG in a nomination for the board of directors.
I have been a dedicated, long-term member of ODTUG, and I have been an active participant in
annual conferences over the years. If elected, I would bring to this position the knowledge I have gained in various leadership roles outside ODTUG.

I have served as the leader of my interdisciplinary research team and have provided leadership on a variety of significant school- and university-wide committees. I have a strong commitment to nurturing collaborative relationships. If elected as a board member for ODTUG, I would use my leadership experience and expertise to initiate an exploration of the ways ODTUG may best meet the needs and recognize the contributions of ODTUG members.

I'm a senior executive with passion for achieving outstanding results. An aptitude for innovation, passion for quality, and the drive to deliver excellent results has helped me to lead several business transformation projects, including those specifically leading to establishing effective and efficient world-class business and IT operations.

I strongly believe that the tradition of giving to the community is the responsibility of every member, and I will continue to promote this tradition within ODTUG through leadership. I have presented a number of technical sessions at the Kscope conferences and have participated, with my whole family, in the Kscope Community Service Days for the past five years. Through this style of leadership by example, I believe my efforts will help build a community of highly talented peers working together to help their companies and their careers.

Biographical Statement

I am a technology-driven professional with seventeen years of significant experience in IT consulting, program management, business Analysis and team management.

• Business and IT Strategy
• Corporate Governance and Management of Information Technology
• Rational Thinking Processes
• Enterprise Architecture
• Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
• IT Best Practice Training and Coaching
• IT Process Assessment
• Management Consulting

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Mia Urman, AuraPlayer
Learn more about Mia!

Campaign Statement

I first got involved in ODTUG about two years ago when I started a campaign to get Oracle Forms sessions included into the Kscope12 agenda. I continued my involvement when I served on the Kscope13 ADF content committee. Now that I have relocated to Boston, I am eager to get even more involved to help ODTUG continue to enrich the Oracle development community in the areas of ADF, JDeveloper, Oracle Forms, and Mobile / Cloud. In addition, I will do my best to represent two underrepresented groups—women in high-tech positions and Oracle developers using traditional tools (Forms, Reports, ADF).

Biographical Statement

Mia Urman is an Oracle ACE and a world-class expert in Oracle Development tools. She has more than fourteen years of experience supporting, training, and consulting on Oracle products. After seven years at Oracle Israel, she left to create Qesem Consulting, a boutique consulting firm with an elite list of enterprise clients in the telecom, government, defense, and finance industries. While providing high-level consulting, Ms. Urman became intimately familiar with the leading challenges facing customers, and founded AuraPlayer (Formerly OraPlayer), a development house providing solutions to challenges faced by Oracle Forms systems users. Ms. Urman is a seasoned presenter at conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, ODTUG Kscope, UKOUG, and IOUG Collaborate. She is also the leader of the ilOUG Oracle Tools Developer Group.

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Mark Wilson, TopDown Consulting
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Campaign Statement

I have dedicated the past nineteen years of my professional career to Oracle BI/EPM technologies, and as a result, I developed a passion for applying them to ever-evolving business problems. I would like you to consider me for the ODTUG Board so that I can share my knowledge, experience, and passion for BI/EPM technologies. Serving on the ODTUG Board is an opportunity to give back to a community that has given me so much knowledge and enjoyment through the years.

Throughout my career, I have played many roles that have given me the perspective needed to successfully lead ODTUG. I have conducted business development on behalf of Hyperion, led a BI, DW, big data, and EPM group in cutting-edge web search space, and I am currently leading a premier consulting organization focused on Oracle BI/EPM. As a board member of TDWI, Silicon Valley Chapter for the past four years, I organized quarterly meetings that featured thought leaders in BI and data warehousing, and we featured organizations and individuals, including Twitter, Netflix, eBay, Nordstrom, and Ralph Kimball. Finally, I have actively participated in several Hyperion-related user groups, including ODTUG, for most of my EPM career.

As an ODTUG Board Member, my goals include increasing Oracle’s executive presence at conferences and user groups as well as soliciting a wider variety of speakers and topics to complement the strong foundation of current contributors.

ODTUG is a great organization. I welcome the opportunity to be a steward of the great culture that already exists.

Biographical Statement

Mark Wilson has over eighteen years of experience working with Oracle BI/EPM. As vice president, services, for TopDown Consulting, he provides overall vision, leadership, and management for field consulting and field support personnel. He focuses on the management of client relationships and delivery of services and solutions designed to help organizations become more efficient and make more effective business decisions. Mark is known for his ability to establish, maintain, and expand executive‐level relationships and for building service teams that place emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Prior to TopDown, he was the vice president of information management and delivery at He has also served in senior-level consulting positions for Accenture. Mark currently serves as a board member of the Silicon Valley Chapter of The Data Warehouse Institute. He holds a BS in managerial economics with a minor in computer science from the University of California at Davis.

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