Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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9:00 am           Keynote                                                                                           

Going Mobile with Oracle: Oracle's Platform and Application
Suhas Uliyar, VP Mobile Strategy Product Management, Oracle Corporation

Among today’s enterprises, 87% have a formal mobility strategy at the enterprise or unit level, yet 7 in 10 are struggling to keep pace with new mobile devices and systems. Every organization has some level of tactical mobile implementation, yet the cost associated with spending on mobile devices is expected to grow 54% over the next two years. So what's next? How should enterprises approach mobility? In this session, hear from Oracle’s vice president of mobile strategy about how enterprises are transforming their digital business with a mobile-first strategy: bringing together clients, context, content, and the cloud. In this session, learn how the Oracle Mobile Platform can help you rethink mobility and define your enterprise mobile strategy.

10:15 –11:15 am        Session 1        

Up and Away: Evolving from Desktop to Mobile and Beyond
Acedirector.jpg Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

More of your users are beginning to demand mobile solutions, so this session will guide you on how to build your enterprise mobility strategy. We will take you through the journey of how to evolve from legacy systems to the Oracle Mobile Platform. The challenge is to build an app that has all the bells and whistles of a cutting-edge mobile app, including gestures control, visualization, camera, and notifications, but is also backed by existing legacy business logic (Database/Oracle Forms) as a web service. We will take you through the development process, from defining the mobile task flows and business processes to developing the web services and designing the UI.

Mobile Backend as a Service: Cloud Infrastructure for Mobile Developers
Shay Shmeltzer, Oracle Corporation

The cloud is changing everything, including the way you develop your mobile apps. See how Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service can help mobile developers, service integrators, and managers create better applications. Learn how a centrally hosted cloud hub for your mobile application development can streamline mobile development process in your company.

Talking Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile
Acedirector.jpg Edward Roske, interRel

Everyone is talking about mobile business intelligence (sometimes called Business Analytics Anywhere). Before your CEO or CFO asks you to put reports on his or her iPad, make sure you have a solution in mind. Luckily, Oracle has two really good mobile answers: OBIEE Mobile Analytics and Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting. In this session, you will be shown both possible solutions. You will leave understanding the benefits of both and the basics of how to implement. If you want to see analytics on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, come hear about the best current solutions available.

11:30 –12:30 pm        Session 2

Mobile Application Development with APEX: A Real-World and Local Example
Youssef Antar, Director of Technology Applications, Prince George's County Public Schools

The Prince George’s County Schools system was faced with quite a challenge: mobile-enable its student information application quickly and within budget. Both students and parents alike needed to be able to access the system, so it had to support all types of mobile devices. With a little research, the logical solution for PGCPS became obvious: Oracle APEX. With Oracle APEX, not only was PGCPS able to rapidly prototype mobile applications, but it was also able to take advantage of extensive knowledge in Oracle and PL/SQL.  

This session will outline the decision-making process PGCPS used in selecting Oracle APEX for its mobile solution, as well as provide an overview of the application and how it has been successfully deployed.

Applying Security to Your Mobile App: Oracle Security Suite
 Indus Khaitan, Oracle Corporation

Mobile apps are changing how employees interact with their organizations. Productivity is no longer just access to email, but unfettered access to corporate data and files. Apps are the new endpoint that a CIO of an organization is worried about. In this session, we’ll touch upon how mobile security can be achieved without compromising on productivity and user experience.

Hyperion Goes Mobile: Tablet and Mobile Apps

Acedirector.jpg Edward Roske, interRel

In the newest release of Oracle EPM, the Hyperion applications have gone mobile. With the new Hyperion Financial Reporting, you can now deliver reports and books via mobile. With, Hyperion Planning now has a beautiful tablet interface. And with the new mobile approvals app, you can manage workflow for HFM, Planning, Tax Provisioning, and more via an iPhone or Android device. In this session, learn how mobile EPM can be yours just by upgrading.

12:30 – 1:30 pm          Lunch

1:30 – 2:30 pm            Session 3

Build a Mobile App in 60 Minutes with MAF
Acedirector.jpg John King, King Training Resources

See “how the rubber meets the road.” In this session, attendees will witness an actual MAF (Oracle Mobile Application Framework) application created, deployed, and tested on both iOS and Android devices. We’ll see how easy it is to use on-device features to make high-impact user experiences and help users accomplish tasks.

Getting Started with Oracle REST Data Services
Kris Rice, Oracle Corporation

REST is becoming the standard way of accessing data from mobile or modern web applications. REST Data Services makes it easier than ever to access your existing data stores over REST in a simple, secure manner. Using REST, any organization can easily produce microservices as the standardized mechanism to interacting with any database. This allows for a uniform way to access data from any programming language in any platform, from server-side processing to mobile.

Oracle BI Mobile Application Designer Is Your New Best Friend
Acedirector.jpg Kevin McGinley, Red Pill Analytics

With deployment of BI to mobile devices on the rise, more and more Oracle BI customers are turning toward the simplicity of delivering browser-based applications using Oracle BI Mobile Application Designer. With the latest release, companies are also realizing they can leverage Mobile Application Designer in exciting new ways, even for desktop users. This session will demonstrate and discuss how you get the most value out of Oracle BI Mobile Application Designer for mobile users, power users, and even casual users.

2:45 – 3:45 pm            Session 4

Roam Where You Want To: Mobile APEX Primer
Acedirector.jpg Scott Spendolini, Accenture

For years, Oracle Application Express, or more commonly known as APEX, has allowed developers to quickly and securely build fully functional applications based on data from their Oracle databases. With the most recent release, the power of APEX has been unchained from the desktop and has expanded to any mobile device: phone, tablet, or anything in between. This session will provide an overview of how APEX can easily be used to build fully functional, cross-platform mobile applications, using nothing more than built-in templates and existing components. Participants will get to see a mobile APEX application built from the ground up during the session.

Customer Story: Mobilizing Our Enterprise System - We Did It, and So Can You! 
Acedirector.jpg Mia Urman, AuraPlayer

This session will present real-life customer success stories to explore the best practices for developing enterprise mobile applications that have strong user experiences. We will explore case studies about customers who have used Oracle mobility solutions to give more power to their customers, employees, and partners while improving the overall efficiency of their company. We hope you will gain insight on navigating the mobilization process and learn how to use the new generation of Oracle tools to extend existing systems and mobilize your enterprise applications.

 UX Is Not UI
Acedirector.jpg John King, King Training Resources

With the explosion of mobile apps, UX (user experience) garners more attention with each passing day. Sadly, applications often focus on the user interface (UI) rather than solving the problems faced by the application user. UX is the formulation of a strategy to provide a solution; UI is simply a small (but important) part of the overall solution. UX design focuses on a strategy to help the user accomplish a task directly and simply. This session will highlight the important facets of UX design and help attendees create more useful applications.

4:00 pm           Keynote                                                                                               

Bringing It All Together: End-to-End Mobile Solution Demo
Jeevan Joseph and Stefan Krantz, Oracle Corporation

See what a complete mobile application looks like and understand how to build it correctly. In this session, we will review an example application and discuss the overall architecture for the solution. Other topics to be explored are mobile exposure of existing services, API management, mobile interfaces to Fusion Middleware products, security, and device features integration.


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Mobile Backend as a Service: Cloud Infrastructure for Mobile Developers