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Even though we are still finalizing accepted sessions*, a little birdie told us that these made the list and can't be missed!



Database and Engineering Track:

Futuristic SQL: Making the Impossible Possible
Connor McDonald, Oracle Corporation

Many people learned SQL by picking up the basics of SELECT, FROM, and WHERE clauses, plus how to use TO_CHAR to handle those pesky dates! The problem is, for many developers that is where their skillset has stayed, and along with that, their belief that SQL is limited to just this most basic of data access capabilities. Fast forward to today, and the Oracle SQL reference is a daunting 1500 pages long, and even that is only because we moved the specialist SQL features for data analytics, objects, JSON, XML, Text, and Spatial into their own manuals! Our inability to keep up with the myriad of features in SQL often means we too quickly resort to a non-SQL coding solution, which can be more complicated, slower, or just plain wrong. This session will bring you up to speed with modern SQL to let you supercharge your application development.

Extending Oracle Cloud Applications Track:

The Five Critical Drivers for Your Best Long-Term Strategy Extending Fusion Applications
Oracle_ACE Program_Spade_Director_rgb.pngGustavo Gonzalez, KNEX Technology

Many organizations have already invested a lot in your enterprise software in the cloud, or "Fusion Applications". But you've been told that Cloud SaaS cannot be customized or extended. This is holding up new projects and initiatives in your business, and you need to act.

In this session, we will cover how you can extend your Fusion Applications with the right set of tools, having total control over the code with a long-term strategy. You'll learn how Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, embedded into Fusion Applications, is an option. We'll also explore Oracle Integration Cloud, APEX, and other options that will give you a complete set of tools for your long-term development strategy.

We'll also present cases of customers that have built solutions running integrated and seamlessly. With Fusion Applications, the users won't notice that they're running extensions.

Emerging Technologies Track:

I’m an IDIYoT: Improving Water Usage Efficiency Via OCI and Edge Technology
Oracle_ACE Program_Spade_Director_rgb.pngJim Czuprynski, Zero Defect Computing

The future of human civilization depends not just on an abundance of clean, renewable energy; we also need to dramatically improve the efficient use of fresh water from lakes, rivers, and underlying aquifers. I’ll demonstrate a simple watering system for a backyard vegetable garden controlled at the “edge” by Raspberry Pi technology, managed through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for efficient water usage based on weather forecasts, and adjusted for optimal growing conditions during a typical Midwest summer with machine learning and analytic functions.
This session will:
- Show how “edge” technology can be used and customized via open-source software (OSS)
- Use Oracle database technology to monitor and manage “edge” tech for efficiency
- Illustrate how Oracle analytics and machine learning help analyze and predict optimal outcomes


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