Mike's Tuesday at #OOW

Guest Blogger: Mike Riley

This will be a much briefer blog post. This is a long event, with lots going on all the time, so it is easy to get exhausted. Amazingly enough, the weather has been a big story out here once again this year. The record high temperature for the year was set. A couple of years ago OOW was swamped with rainfall most every day, luckily, I missed that OOW (actually, unluckily, as I had the H1N1 virus).

The Board is always busy with meetings and presentations to attend and Tuesday was no different. Unfortunately, many of these meetings are discussing things that are in progress, so rather than mentioning something specific, I'd rather share it with you (or another Board Member can share it with you) when the plan bears fruit. Needless to say, many of these meetings are with members of Oracle Product Management and will have a direct correlation to what goes on at Kscope13.

Several times we have heard from people about the new logo and the new website. They like what we have done, and it is much easier to navigate. The website will continue evolving and improving over the next year or so. Big thanks and congratulations to the staff at YCC, especially our Executive Director Crystal Walton and Creative Director Lauren Prezby; these ladies have poured their hearts into the website, and it shows. Thanks!!!

Here is a picture of the Chinatown Gate right outside of the Hotel Triton:

china town

And here is a picture of the Hotel Sign:

hotel triton

I got the opportunity to attend the Oakland A's game with the Texas Rangers last night, via an invitation from my friends at interRel Edward, Danielle, Jenny, and Glenn. Thanks for the invitation guys, I'm only sorry that I could not bring the Rangers a victory (sorry you Oakland A's fans out there).

I found this sign a little confusing at the stadium – BBQ Ice Cream? Is it BBQ? Is it Ice Cream? Is there really such a thing as BBQ Ice Cream? I wasn't brave enough to find out.

BBQ or Ice Cream

I rode the BART back from the stadium, because I left early. I was really exhausted, and wanted to get back earlier than the end of the game. As a bonus, I got to hear Joss Stone's last song last night. My pictures did not turn out well; hopefully I'll get a video put up somewhere. Joss was having a great time, and the fans seemed to really enjoy the concert. Great idea Oracle for having the Music Festival this year!

Today, more meetings, greetings, and the big OOW Appreciation Event – Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam – I can't wait!!!


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