Kscope13: Track Lead Made Simple Through Great People

Kellyn PotVin.jpgKellyn Pot’Vin, Sr. Technical Consultant, Enkitec

June’s Kscope13 is still a ways off and although I’m busy as the Training Days Director for RMOUG, (Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group) Training Days 2013 coming up in February, I was very thrilled when Chet Justice emailed in search of someone to head up the database track for Kscope. This is one of my favorite conferences, run by one of my favorite user groups—ODTUG. As the database track lead, I am responsible for selecting the database track committee, organizing and communicating with its members, and managing the database track. The committee this year was top notch and I’d like to mention each of the members by name—Galo Balda, Kent Graziano, Tim Gorman, Bobby Curtis, Randy Johnson, David Schleis, Don Seiler, Martin Berger, Bjoern Rost, and Carol Kowalski

When abstract submissions opened for Kscope, I, along with others, promoted the conference via social media, blogs, and lists, resulting in almost three times as many abstract submissions as previous years. The database track committee did a phenomenal job, quickly reviewing all the abstracts, allowing me to easily submit our approved abstracts well before the deadline. ODTUG then had extra time, due to the sheer number of abstracts for the database track; we were then able to add in another five incredible sessions to the schedule. None of this could have been possible without the great people on my committee who volunteered their time, effectively and efficiently reviewing and rating each abstract. 

This year’s database track has a number of new presenters, including Gwen Shapira, Karl Arao, and Karen Morton, along with great repeat presenters like Tom Kyte, Maria Colgan, Galo Balda, and Patrick Barel. The database sessions are a wide array of topics covering everything from the cost-based optimizer, Oracle 12c, database security, performance tuning, and Exadata. If you haven’t checked out the database track content, you really should; it’s a great set of speakers and sessions!  http://kscope13.com/component/seminar/seminarslist?topicsid=12

I’m quite impressed with the concept that although the conference is more development and application-centric, as a database administrator, I can influence the content and push the conference to more DBAs. As an Oracle ACE, blogger/social media-obsessed techie, it’s a great honor to be a track lead. This role offers the volunteer an incredible level of input into what other database professionals will receive as content at a conference. As an attendee or presenter, Kscope is a phenomenal opportunity to learn, network, and socialize with incredible people. I look forward to June’s event, but enjoyed volunteering as the database track lead this year for the conference and hope to do more in the years to come with ODTUG’s wonderful organization.

With this year’s Kscope conference being held in New Orleans, I just have one more thing to ask—Who from the database and development side will hit the DBA bar with me for some great jazz? :) http://dbabars.com/dbano/

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"Today on Draft"

January 24, 2013 02:42 PM by Kim Berg Hansen

Looks like the DBA bar has a good beer selection on tap. So beer, jazz and sql - a combination it is not possible to resist (even though I am more developer than DBA ;-)

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