Where in the world is ODTUG?

Would you believe that ODTUG has a global outreach program?  It’s true, and ODTUG has held multiple Seriously Practical (SP) conferences all over the world.

SP conferences are short, focused, and local to whatever market they’re in.  They feature a mix of international (I suppose that depends on your national perspective) and local market speakers although as always the focus is on deep technical content.

All of this is prelude to announcing ODTUG’s SP Australia conference on 21 to 22 March 2013 at Swineburne University in Melbourne, Australia.

Why oh why am I telling you this?  Why, because I am going to present two sessions at that very same conference – one on Essbase data quality through ODI and the other on the Dodeca reporting framework.

I’m chuffed (hah! the I-am-an-American-but-speak-in-an-affected-quasi-British-accent has already begun) to be able to present in Australia and beyond thrilled at the strong lineup of local presenters.  Here are some names that even we famously insular Yanks (Q:  If there are Little Englanders, why are there no Little Americans?  Because my fellow countrymen are so…large?  But I digress yet again.)  can recognize.

Did you notice that the sessions are a comingling of BI & EPM?  Yes, the SP is a focused event, but covers both sides of the BI and EPM world.

Great speakers, a great location, and great topics – what more could an Australasian geek ask for?  And it’s only 599 USD which to Australians is becoming more and more like play money.  So, it’s even quite reasonable – all the more reason to attend.

I hope to see my Australian cousins (really, I have extremely distant relatives in Australia – sometimes I get the impression that my family has been run out of every country on earth; it is quite possible that we deeply deserved it) at the, deep breath, ODTUG BI/EPM Seriously Practical Conference, 21 to 22 March 2013, at the Swineburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia.

Be seeing you.

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