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A Note from the Hyperion SIG President

The Hyperion SIG is busy looking for ways to bring value to you, our EPM/Hyperion members. I hope you will take a few moments to read through this newsletter and will find the information useful.

Kscope13 promises to be another great event. I hope you are going, or are trying to go, because I am convinced it’s the best training conference out there. Kscope13 covers diverse content offered by incredible speakers. This truly is a conference worth attending. You will have the opportunity to learn new things and to network with great people. I could highlight sessions I know I will be attending, but honestly, I think all of the content is great, so check it out for yourself on the conference website.

I would be remiss if I did not put in a plug for the Community Service Day. I have participated in the Community Service Day for the past several years, and have to say this is one of the most rewarding events of the entire conference. This year, we are partnering with HandsOn New Orleans to rehabilitate a school. What a wonderful opportunity to spend several hours giving back to the community and leaving them with a better school. This year, I’d like to put out a challenge to all EPM/Hyperion users who go to the conference to invest a few hours on Saturday in helping with this worthwhile cause. It’s only your Saturday morning, but it makes a world of difference to the kids. If you can't participate you can always donate to the cause, click here to help.

Alice Lawrence
Hyperion SIG President

ODTUG Offers BI/EPM Training Down Under!

ODTUG is headed to Melbourne, Australia! Join ODTUG March 21-22, for two days of deep-dive training on improving your Oracle BI and EPM investments. Presenters including Oracle ACE Director Cameron Lackpour, CL Solve; Babar Jan Haleem, Paul Anderson, and Charles Pinda, Oracle Corporation; Maneesh Disawal and Richard Philipson, James & Monroe; Christine Aird and Steven Hitchman, M-Power Solutions, will be covering topics like Hyperion Planning, OBIEE and BI Apps.

Register at the low fee of $599. Class size is limited so do not delay in registering.

Smart View for Office Release Announced
By Eric Helmer, Oracle ACE Director

A new version of Smart View was recently announced. This version addresses many bug fixes for general Smart View issues as well as bugs associated with Essbase, HFM, Planning, and Reporting and Analysis. It can be upgraded from any version from 9.3.3 and higher.

There are a few ways to install this: manually or auto-upgrade. Manually, or you can have it auto upgrade. It is supported on Office 2007, 2010 32-bit, and 2010 64-bit.

However, it also comes with some new features, especially around OBIEE integration. Below are some highlights.

1.) Support for Oracle BI EE

This version of Smart View supports OBIEE and higher. Operations such as the following are supported:

-Connecting to the Presentation Server and Catalog
-Importing Answers Views
-Copying data, metadata, and views into Smart View document
-Interact and manage imported content – prompt views, refresh, mask, copy/paste
-Using Visual Basic code to program your own OBIEE interfaces

2.) Storing shared connections in a local client XML file

Using a local XML file on the client, you can push out shared connections. You have to point the shared connection URL in the options to the location of the file and then it looks like any other shared connection.

Also shared connections can now be shared in functions for Essbase, HFM, and Planning.

3.) New document contents pane

There is a new task pane in Smart View that shows the document content view of the current office document in tree format.

4.) HsGetValue functions can be copied and pasted

You may now copy cells and ranges of cells containing the HsGetValue function from one Office application and paste them into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

5.) New reporting object: Office Table

You can now import an “Office Table” object into a Financial Reporting, Essbase, and HFM grids. Office Tables are display results in MS Word and look like part of an Office document, but the members and data in the table cells are connected to the Smart View provider and are refreshable.

6.) POV supports 5,000 members

The POV now supports a maximum of 5,000 members.

“Stupid EPM Tricks” #2
By Cameron Lackpour, Oracle ACE Director

A Three-part Stupid Trick

This is the second in the Stupid Trick series for the ODTUG Hyperion SIG newsletter.

A recap – Stupid Tricks are not stupid, although sometimes (as you will see below with part one) I feel rather stupid when I finally figure them out. Stupid Tricks are just…tricks, tips, and things that drive me crazy ‘til I figure them out. Some of them will likely make you shake your head and say, “Shame, shame.” Others will (I hope) make you laugh out loud. And with that hopefully evenhanded introduction, let’s explore Essbase BSO restructuring tricks.

Trick the First, Planning Drives Me Nuts Yet Again

Or is that me driving Planning nuts? I suppose this is a matter of perspective.

Off We Go

By default, when creating members in Planning (I am talking Classic – I have zero idea what EPMA does, but I’ll bet the same) interactively, the member automatically inherits the parent’s storage type. IOW, if the parent member is set to dynamic calc (which is pretty normal in Account and Time dimensions), all interactively added child members inherit that storage type.

To finish reading this article click here.

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, February 21, 2013 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST
New Features in Calculation Manager Kim Reeve, Oracle Corporation

The webinar will highlight new features of and the upcoming release for Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager using Oracle Hyperion Planning and Essbase BSO applications. After a brief demo of the new features, the webinar will focus on writing complex custom templates and how to create them using Design Time Prompts.

Click here to register

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
MDX Quick Start Workshop Ron Moore, Marketing Technologies Group

MDX is everywhere and this workshop is designed to get you writing it fast. MDX is used to query BSO and ASO cubes and to write ASO member formulas. It’s also used in ASO procedural calculations, triggers, and ASO partial clears. Smart View users can use MDX to do powerful Smart View reporting. It’s an industry standard language that is supported by many other BI vendors.

This workshop will start right off writing simple queries and progress quickly to some fairly complex queries. The workshop will cover basic and intermediate ASO member formulas such as simple ratios, cross dimensional operations, and hierarchical references (cross-dims, descendants, parents, ancestors, etc.). Finally the workshop will cover some time-based calculations including period-to-date calcs and leads and lags.

The workshop uses the ASOSamp database and PDF documentation is provided so you can follow along with the exercises and examples. Please download the PDF's below:

MDX Quick Start Workshop Exercises
MDX Quick Start Workshop Overview
MDX QuickStart Workshop Detailed Class Prep

Click here to register

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