Best Training Value, Hands Down AND Invaluable

Welcome back! Since I haven’t posted a blog entry recently, I decided today that you would get a double treat. I’ve combined two interviews, both with experts within the Oracle Application Express community. Karen Cannell, who is also the Editor in Chief of the ODTUG Technical Journal, and Brian Spendolini have both spoken and attended ODTUG conferences in the past, and are a part of the stellar line-up that will be in Long Beach, CA June 26-30.

Registration is still open, if you haven’t registered, why not?

Here are the questions and answers with these two experts.

MR: What’s the best thing about Kscope conferences?

cannell.jpgKC: “The depth of knowledge of attendees, combined with the depth and quality of presentations makes this the best training value, hands down.”

BS: “The best thing by far is that the APEX community gets together with development to further the product. This unique event is the only one that I know of where there is such a tight connection between the developers of the product and the developers whom use the product. We provide the feedback and more times than not we see it in a future release. Invaluable.”

MR: Who do you most look forward to seeing a presentation from at Kscope and why?

KC: “I try  to make time to see Bryn Llewellyn, because he has a true scientist approach to PL/SQL and a presentation style that is just Bryn. I always learn something.”

BS: “For all the years I was at Oracle, my brother Scott and I would always attempt to ‘distract’ one another during a presentation. With that said, I as well as he, will be in the front row for each of our respective presentations with new ways to get the others goat. With that said, I do look forward to the Sunday symposium and open mic night. It give me a chance to see multiple presentations from either development or peers and the new and innovative way they are using the product.”

MR: Why Kscope and not somewhere else?

KC: “Quite simple: There are presenters who attend Kscope that do not go to other conferences. This is the greatest concentration of the best developers in the world.  The question is more, why NOT attend Kscope?”

btspendo.jpgBS: “Its the most attended Oracle Development get together where work and learning gets done (Oracle World is much too big and not focused).”

MR: Have you ever been to Long Beach or visited the Queen Mary?

KC: “No and no, I am looking forward to it. I’ll be in the water for sure. Maybe it’s time for me to learn to surf …”

BS: “I have not.”

MR: Your all time favorite Kscope moment is…

KC: “I forget if this was a Kscope or another conference, but my computer died in the middle of a presentation, and Dimitri Gielis had my presentation on his computer, so we were able to continue. My point being, there is a community of people who are always willing to help each other. I also liked the APEX to JDeveloper ADF showdown.and Dimitri’s Charts presentation with the screaming monkey.”

BS: “My first presentation at ODTUG, Apex on the iPhone. It was such a new platform then and the thought of having that kind of information on a mobile device was a dizzying thought. Now, withApex 4.1, mobile templates come built right in. Tech moves fast.”

Brian can be found on Twitter @btspendo, and has a blog at

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