ODTUG Kscope13: Expertise + Crossover

Kaleidoscope – [kuh-lahy-duh-skohp] - A constantly changing pattern or sequence of objects or elements.

ODTUG Kscope, formally known as Kaleidoscope, was created to give Oracle technologists a place to call their own—where people working on many different types of technology could learn together, side-by-side.

That tradition continues with Kscope13, and this year, we want to give you a chance to learn from each other! Check out these Tuesday evening crossover classes with Oracle ACEs John King and Andrew Jorgensen.

Oracle Database Tools 101: How Does All This Stuff Get Built Anyway?
John King, King Training Resources

If you've been an Essbase/Hyperion, Applications, or BI user you may wonder what all the “hubbub” on the other side of Kscope is all about. Or maybe you’re curious -- “I know there’s a database under the covers and lots of developers; what do they do?” If you want to know about the underpinnings of your favorite Oracle software, this session is for you. We’ll talk about how it all fits together: database, SQL, PL/SQL, ADF, Forms, APEX, and more (without too many boring details)! Attending this session will improve your understanding of and ability to communicate with the “bit-twiddlers” in your organization.

Hyperion 101: An Introduction to the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Suite
Andrew Jorgensen, MindStream Analytics

Have you been hearing all this talk about Oracle Hyperion? Are you wondering what exactly an Essbase is?
This is the session for those who are looking for an introduction into Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. We'll start with the core business problems that are addressed with these products. The session will then include an overview of all the products that cover the Oracle Hyperion Suite and what each is best used for. We'll finish this session covering a variety of reporting options including OBIEE.

Spend an hour learning how the other half lives, and spend five days learning about your area of expertise!

Click here to register now. Already registered? Make sure you have booked your hotel room at the New Orleans Sheraton; rooms are filling up quickly and the cut-off date is May 21.

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