Tribute to former ODTUG Board Member- Mari Cobb

Dear ODTUG Community,

Mari Cobb We lost a very special member last week, Mari Cobb. Mari was an extremely energetic board member from 2004 to 2006. She was well known in the Oracle developer community and considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and reliable consultants in the business. In December 2010 Mari was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. This is an extremely aggressive cancer – only 5% live more than 18 months after they are diagnosed. Mari did not accept these statistics and was determined to beat the odds. She chronicled her experience with this frustrating disease in CarePages, a social networking site that allows patients to communicate with friends and family. Everyone who followed her was inspired and learned so much about the nuances of living and dying. I personally cannot believe that I will no longer be able to read her passages.

Mari, without even knowing it, used her cancer to enlighten and give hope to others rather than give in to despair. She recently spoke at a death and dying college class. When asked if she had any regrets in life, Mari replied, “Not enjoying my children more, hiding behind my job success to hide the failure I felt in other areas of my life,… taking so long to 'come out of hiding' and getting that ‘I am enough' and that I am loved and loving.”

It was very important to Mari to share her experience and she asked that all of us who knew her continue that sharing. I’d like to share with you a few other passages from Mari:

“As I move forward on the 'death train', I find so many new awarenesses and blessings. Learning to like myself and soften towards others more than before. More forgiving of my continued flaws. I feel 'enough' - I strived my whole life to feel that way - and somehow it happened. Hallelujah.”

“I continue to be grateful for the chance to let you see into the life of a dying person. You have all gotten to know me virtually in a manner that would not have been possible except for this venue, at least for me. This feeling of connection is unbelievable for me. I become less afraid with each day.” 

“So...I am blessed with another beautiful day of sunshine and love. I am so glad that I was able to be a parent.”

“I loved seeing my children at Christmas. How I wish I could go back in time and spend more moments with them when they were little. So many things I have taken for granted. So, as we venture into 2013, let us be more mindful of our blessings. Kinder to ourselves.”

If you want to know Mari better go to:

I watched both sessions on a Saturday afternoon and felt like I just had
Dinner with Mari and then Dinner with Mari and Ted. She and her husband Ted were so brave and vulnerable at the same time.

If you attended the Kscope11 Special Event at the Queen Mary, Mari was standing with the board of directors at the red carpet greeting you. She was temporarily living in the Long Beach area participating in a drug trial and was full of her signature hope and energy. She was radiant and thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with her ODTUG family.

Mari Cobb was an energetic, motivated, smart, and sincere ODTUG board member and individual. Anyone who worked with Mari knew she was special. She shared so much in the last two years of her life, not unlike what she did as an ODTUG board member. I will miss Mari very much.

Kathleen McCasland, Former ODTUG Executive Director and CEO of Your Conference Connection.

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