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Oracle Support has gone out of their way to reach out to the EPM world through a wide variety of social media channels.  What do I mean?  How about:

In other words, Oracle Support is trying their very best to get the word out about all of the information in the Support world.

But what happens when you cross the barrier (that would be a service contract if you are a paying customer or at least Gold Partner status if you are a consultant) into http://support.oracle.com? How do you find the EPM information you are looking for within Support? There are lots of articles, notes, advisors, etc. in Support. Where to begin? What’s the latest information? What oh what oh what to do?

Why not let Oracle do the driving?

It turns out that the Oracle Support Business Analytics team has realized this, and they have put together a very thorough consolidator of EPM and BI Support articles. The information includes:  documentation and whitepapers, product advisors, information centers, webcasts, communities, social media, latest Support articles, patch sets, the cumulative features tool, EPM defects fixed finder, and a slew of other articles. There is a lot of information here, but in contrast to just getting dumped off at the home page of Support, there is structure. That is a good thing, because it lets you find answers to problems more quickly. 

What is the source of all of this quality information?  Nothing other than Oracle Business Analytics Support News Current Edition - Volume 7 : March 2013 [ID 1347131.1].  Don’t let that long name put you off – this is the fastest and easiest way I have yet seen to get an overview to all of the resources that the Oracle EPM Support team has put together.


Here’s just the header section of the article:

 Oracle Business Analytics Support News.png


This is definitely one of those articles where you really do need to log into Oracle Support and start poking around the page. I think you could be there for hours. I know I have been doing that. Let’s take a look at some of the pretty cool things that are covered.

OBIEE Tuning Whitepaper

Remote Diagnostic Agent 4.30

  • Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4 - Getting Started [Doc ID 314422.1]
  • EPM specific instructions are available via Knowledge Article "User Remote Diagnostic Agent [Doc ID 1304885.1]

New Oracle Support Communities

Oracle BI Applications

  • Getting Started with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications [Doc ID 1527634.1]
  • OBIA Bugs Fixed in (Doc ID 1528774.1)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ETL Data Lineage Guide Release [Doc ID 1527475.1]

Exalytics Patching Policy

  • OBIEE 11g is Available for BI Enterprise and Exalytics [Doc ID 1516704.1]
  • OBIEE 11g is Available for BI Enterprise and Exalytics [Doc ID 1525981.1]
  • How to Upgrade Oracle Exalytics Version to Patch Set Release 1 (PS1) Version [Doc ID 1497356.1]
  • Oracle Exalytics Patchset 2 (PS2) Now Available for Oracle Exalytics V1. and [Doc ID 1519226.1]

Hyperion Business Rules Migration to Calculation Manager

  • Hyperion Business Rules Statement of Direction [Doc ID 1448421.1] Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) to Calculation Manager Migration White Paper [Doc ID 1528121.1]
  • Advisor Webcast - Migrating Business Rules to Calc Manager (Archived 2013) [Doc ID 1456233.1]

Patching and Maintenance Advisor – EPM

  • Patching & Maintenance Advisor: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.1.2.x [Doc ID 1517258.1]

Support presentations at conferences

Event City, Country Date (2013) Info Links
OUG Ireland Dublin, Ireland  11-12 March Info
UKOUG Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools SIG Meeting London, U.K. 12 March Info
Infratects Top Gun Event Barcelona, Spain 14-16 March Info
ODTUG Seriously Practical Australia Melbourne, Australia 21-22 March Info
OUG Scotland Linlithgow, Scotland 12 June Info
KScope 2013 New Orleans, U.S.A 23-27 June Info
DOAG, Germany Berlin, Germany 9-11 October Info


I note with pride two ODTUG conferences:  ODTUG SP Australia (which is where I met Paul Anderson and found out about this Support article, Thanks, Paul) and of course KScope 2013.  Oooh, I will also note that one of the many, many, many places my family comes from is Linlithgow (okay, Bathgate, in what used to be called Linlithgowshire, so geographically pretty close), Scotland and what do you know, there’s an Oracle Support presence there as well.  I was destined to write this article.

There’s more, much more, and you can see it all for yourself

This series of articles is known as EPM Stupid Tricks.  Well, it ain’t Stupid if it’s useful, right?  Perhaps I should ask the Hyperion SIG to rename this column to EPM Useful Tricks? 

Oracle Support has done some quality work with the Oracle Business Analytics Support News Current Edition - Volume 7 : March 2013 [ID 1347131.1] article.  Your company (or, if you are supremely lucky/unlucky like me, you personally) paid for access to Oracle Support, they’re doing yeoman’s work producing support documents, and it would be pretty darn silly if you didn’t take advantage of the resource.

Be seeing you over in Oracle Support.

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