Oracle ACE Director Talks Essbase in Latest Tech Journal

Automating Essbase Outline Extracts to a Relational Database Using the Next Generation Outline Extractor
Tim Tow, Oracle ACE Director, Founder and President of Applied Olap Inc.

Many Essbase customers regularly extract Essbase outline metadata for a variety of reasons. One common reason companies use outline metadata is for building dimensions in other Essbase databases. In earlier versions of Essbase, there was no good way to extract the outline information to a usable format. Starting in Essbase 11.1.2.x, the Maxl scripting language introduced the capability to export outline information to an xml format, but Oracle has not yet created any tools that consume the xml in its native format.  As such, there is a need for other outline extraction tools like the recently released Next Generation Outline Extractor.  

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