APEX Theming Competition Announcement

It's back!

In 2012, ODTUG held an APEX Plugins competition as a prelude to Kscope 12. Then last year, the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) organized an Application Express Developer Challenge at Oracle Open World 2013 (OOW 2013), and the goal was to build a mobile application using Oracle Application Express (APEX). This year, to heat things up for Kscope14 in Seattle, ODTUG is proud to present the APEX Theming Competition 2014!

The idea for the competition started with a brief chat with Joel Kallman at OOW 2013. I stole some time to present my summer student's work and that lead to a discussion about the need to make APEX applications look good. The second prodding came from an email conversation with Roel Hartman. He suggested that I should speak with Martin D’Souza, who later persuaded and encouraged me to undertake the task and make this challenge a success. Glad I did! I am privileged and honored to be working alongside our judges Christian Rokitta, Jorge Rimblas and Shakeeb Rahman to organize this worldwide event. I am also very grateful to Learco Brizzi, who has again agreed to support and host APEX competition submissions.

Everyone who has experienced APEX knows that it is extremely easy to create a web application. And there are several out-of-the-box, standards-based themes that developers could use to make their application visually appealing, and even responsive. Based on these template themes, there are simple to complex tweaks you could do to make your application look different from the hundreds and thousands of APEX applications out in the wild.

Whether you are a new or experienced APEX developer, we strongly encourage you to take part in this competition, push yourself to the limits, and learn much more about theme development in APEX. There are links to some resources to help you get started including presentations at previous Kscope conferences and blogs by known theming gurus.

The competition officially starts next Monday, Feb 03, 2014 and will close on May 15, 2014. The prizes up for grabs are what every APEX developer desires including a Kscope15 pass, Pebble smartwatches, and one-year ODTUG Full Memberships. More importantly, the winner will be remembered in history as the 2014 ODTUG APEX Theme Developer of the Year!

So... are you feeling excited yet? You should! The submission guidelines will be released at the start of the event. So keep your eyes peeled on social media for follow-up announcements. Meanwhile, start working on ideas and get that learning engine going. It’s gonna be an exciting ride ahead!

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