Floyd Teter: Fusion Middleware Track at Kscope12

floyd-teter.jpgGuest Blogger: Floyd Teter

A few weeks ago, I spent my weekend in Nashville hosting Oracle workshops. The audience was composed mostly of end users. The hot topics (services-based integration, standardized UI look and feel, mobile apps) are related to Fusion Middleware. Luckily, ODTUG has an answer for that: the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12.

We have some pretty hot topics on the agenda for the Fusion Middleware track:

  • Combining ADF and report development has always been a challenge (for me, at least). We’ll have a great session on using open source tools to close that gap.
  • UI design patterns have been grabbing a ton of attention lately. The Fusion Middleware track includes several sessions on bringing UI design patterns to ADF.
  • Mobile: in recognition that the post-PC age is upon us, we’ve incorporated several sessions on mobile development.
  • Oracle guru Jake Kuramoto (of AppsLab fame) will be showing us how to extend WebCenter.

So, you’ve likely been happily plugging along with your PL/SQL tools or your LAMP stack for years. They’ve grown near and dear to your heart. So why should you care about Fusion Middleware? Think back to that Nashville experience I just mentioned. Fusion Middleware gives you tools to provide what your customers want: services-based integration, that Fusion look-and-feel, and a great emerging platform for Oracle-related mobile apps development.

Join us in the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12. See what your customers want.

*Floyd will also be presenting at Kscope12 Design Time, Design Time @ Run Time, Personalization…What The Huh?

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