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Essbase Outline and Data Scrambler
Dmitry Kryuk, Independent Consultant

Imagine you are part of an IT organization and have to work with all those consultants (like me),  support teams, and third-party vendors. Sometimes they ask you to share outlines or representative data sets in order to replicate some issue, optimize your cube, or make enhancements to calculations. Sharing data or metadata usually is not a problem if consultants are onsite and have company-issued laptops, and data doesn’t contain sensitive information such as salaries, identifiable health information, etc.

But what happens in the following situations?

  • Consultants work offsite - for example, support team or outsourced resources.

  • Consultants are onsite but shouldn’t have access to classified information.

  • IT or business would like to hire an expert for just a few hours to resolve some specific issue, but they don't want to go through the formal hiring nightmare.

In this article, I demonstrate the utility that completely "scrambles" Essbase database. If the scrambled data files or outlines get to the wrong hands, they will have no meaningful business information. On the other hand, the outline structure, data distribution, and volume would be exactly the same as in the original application. A consultant would have just enough to perform her/his job.

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