Kscope16: The Place to Be for Oracle ACEs

Did you know ODTUG Kscope16 is the place to be for Oracle ACE Directors, ACEs, and ACE Associates? Year after year, Kscope attracts many attendees and speakers from the Oracle ACE Program who share their expertise with our members by presenting technical sessions throughout the week, very graciously agreeing to interviews in our Social Media Lounge, and participating in the extremely popular Lunch and Learn Panels hosted by OTN. These panels, separated by community/track, are where our members bring their questions and the ACEs bring their solutions and knowledge.

Kscope15's panelists were:

Business Intelligence

  •  Holger Friedrich
  •  Kevin McGinley
  •  Michael Rainey
  •  Christian Screen
  •  Tim Vlamis


  •  John Booth
  •  Mike Killeen
  •  Cameron Lackpour
  •  Edward Roske
  •  Tim Tow

Hyperion Apps

  •  Chris Barbieri
  •  Gary Crisci
  •  Eric Helmer
  •  Tracy McMullen
  •  Tony Scalese

Database Development

  •  Danny Bryant
  •  Tim Gorman
  •  Heli Helskyaho
  •  Alex Nuijten
  •  Michelle Kolbe


  •  Luc Bors
  •  Lonneke Dikmans
  •  John Flack
  •  Debra Lilley
  •  Mia Urman

Application Express 

  •  Karen Cannell
  •  Martin D'Souza
  •  Francis Mignault
  •  Anton Nielsen
  •  John Scott

Kscope15's ACE attendeees:

ACE Directors

Dietmar Aust
Galo Balda
Chris Barbieri
John Booth
Luc Bors
Stewart Bryson
Lonneke Dikmans
Martin D'Souza
Doug Gault
Dimitri Gielis
Alex Gorbachev
Tim Gorman

Kent Graziano
Roel Hartman
Eric Helmer
Heli Helskyaho
John King
Peter Koletzke
Cameron Lackpour
Debra Lilley
Kevin McGinley
Tracy McMullen
Cary Millsap
Alex Nuijten
Gurcan Orhan

Peter Raganitsch
Mark Rittman
Edward Roske
Bjoern Rost
Glenn Schwartzberg
John Scott
Craig Shallahamer
Scott Spendolini
Tim Tow
Mia Urman
Ronald van Luttikhuizen


Ami Aharonovich
Dietmar Aust
Galo Balda
Chris Barbieri
John Booth
Learco Brizzi
Danny Bryant
Gary Crisci
Niels de Bruijn
Judi Doolittle
Mark Farnham
John Flack

Holger Friedrich
John Goodwin
Kyle Hailey
Jerry Ireland
Andrew Jorgensen
Celvin Kattookaran
Mike Killeen
Michelle Kolbe
Monty Latiolais
Francis Mignault
Michael Nader
Anton Nielsen

Michael Rainey
Mike Riley
Jorge Rimblas
Bill Robertson
Christian Rokitta
Anthony Scalese
Christian Screen
Tim Vlamis
Scott Wesley
Alex Zaballa
Jayjay Zheng

 ACE Associates

Karen Cannell
Eric Erikson
Tim German
Ricardo Giampaoli


Robert Gideon
Jason Jones
Abhay Kumar


Don Seiler
Adrian Ward
Sarah Zumbrum

ODTUG is proud to have so many Oracle ACEs involved with our conference, and we look foward to seeing you at Kscope16!

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