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Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS): Simplified Interface Features Overview
By Mohan Chanila, Performance Architects

During most of 2014, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) operated with a similar interface to the classic Oracle Hyperion Planning "Workspace,” with some minor differences (mainly the introduction of a new landing page).

Starting in November 2014, Oracle made a drastic change to the PBCS offering by introducing the “simplified interface” as an additional way to access the solution. However, with the latest patch update in June 2015, Oracle announced that the simplified interface will be the future PBCS interface.

With this in mind, this blog reviews how to access and use key features of this new and improved interface. Read more.

Cloud Alphabet Soup
By ACE D.pngCameron Lackpour, CL Solve

Time for a pop quiz: Quickly, what do PBCS, EPRCS, FCCS, ARCS, EssCS, and EPBCS mean? Stumped? In order, they are Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service, Financial Consolidation and Cloud Service, Account Reconciliation Cloud Service, Essbase Cloud Service, and Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service. Do you see the common thread in all of these products? It’s actually two. Read more.

Product Manager's Corner
By Rich Wilkie,
Oracle Corporation 

Hyperion has a very long history in the Financial Close space dating back to 1983 with the launch of Micro Control. Back in 1983 I was more concerned with homework and sports, but luckily someone was developing solutions that ultimately would guide my career. I am “lucky” enough to have spent a few years as a Micro Control administrator (who doesn’t remember the floppy disks that included all the software), which shaped my interest in Financial Close software. Micro Control evolved into Hyperion Enterprise, which eventually lead to Hyperion Financial Management. All of these solutions took the best of what existed and improved on them through the use of new technology and new practices. HFM, in particular, really advanced Enterprise through the use of web-based technologies and a powerful rules engine that effectively could support any customer requirement in a very performant manner. HFM is still the leading consolidation solution in the market with well over 4,000 customers and many, many success stories. Read more.


Blast from the Past: From the Milkman to Amazon Drones
By Leticia Cordova, CheckPoint Consulting

For years, science-fiction novels have enthralled us with their cutting-edge – borderline impossible – technologies. Movies such as “The Matrix” show characters becoming master fighters after downloading data for mere hours, and “Star Wars” depicts space travel not only as a real possibility but as the everyday norm. They have created a reality we as children all hoped might somehow exist. While many of the technologies in these movies are far beyond our time, some are getting close to Earth. Futuristic cars, anyone? Read more.

The Impact of Oracle Hyperion on Data Integration Products
By Leticia Cordova, CheckPoint Consulting

The aphorism “the only constant is change” is never truer than when applied to the Enterprise and technology. Customer needs evolve constantly; technology correspondingly evolves. This interaction applies to data integration. Data is an essential element and component of EPM systems for everything from building successful business plans to launching and monitoring an effective customer engagement campaign. Read more.


EPM Meetups

Denver, Colorado
The ODTUG team was pleased to host a meetup on the first night of RMOUG Training Days 2016. We had a blast at Crave in downtown Denver, Colorado. Folks from all walks of Oracle life attended, and there was great discussion on multiple technologies. In addition, we were privileged to meet local folks who were new to ODTUG. We even had a drawing for a free pass to Kscope16. Congratulations to Melissa Kienbusch from The Bean Consulting Group! Special thanks goes to Qingchen Chen and Sarah Zumbrum for helping to organize this networking event. RMOUG Training Days 2016 was a great success, and we look forward to seeing you all at future events! Read more.

EPM Volunteer Initiative

We want you to volunteer! If you'd like to get involved with the ODTUG EPM Community and are looking for an opportunity that fits your volunteer needs, please take a look at the new Volunteer Job Board. And keep checking it – the listings will change over time.

Kscope16 Updates

Each week in January we tweeted teasers about the Kscope16 Special Event, which led up to the big reveal – Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry – and the theme is The Roaring Twenties! This event is packed with interactive exhibits, great food, and spectacular musical entertainment! Dress in your Chicago and Great Gatsby best, and we’ll see you there! Register by June 9 to take advantage of the Advance Rate.

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