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Community Meetup in Denmark

ODTUG and Trivadis Denmark are co-sponsoring a pre-Kscope16 meetup in Denmark on Thursday, June 2, at 7:30 PM. Check out the details at

Kscope16 Database Community Night Sponsored by  Quest.jpg

Unwind at the Database Community Night Sponsored by Dell Software on Monday (June 27) during Kscope16. Get there early to enjoy a relaxing evening networking with your Database peers and sampling some specially chosen microbrews. Don’t miss out!

Kscope16 Agenda Highlights for the New and Inexperienced

Kscope16 has a fantastic range of presentations this year for database administrators and developers. If you’re just starting your career or you’re still the new kid on the block, then check out these picks by Erica Harris and Galo Balda from the Database Community team; they will provide some great building blocks to help you on your way. Read more.

The Ask Tom Website Lives On

While Tom Kyte may have stepped down from active participation in the Ask Tom website, it is now being ably managed by Chris Saxon and Connor McDonald. Check out for more details.

OTN Database Community YouTube Channel

For a treasure trove of videos on a huge range of Oracle Database topics, check out the OTN Database Community YouTube Channel.

A Beginner's Guide to Securing Sensitive Data by Rob Lockard

We all need to secure sensitive information, and sometimes we just don't know where to start. So, I recommend you start at the beginning. The first thing you need to do is identify all of your sensitive information and use the tools that Oracle provides to secure for attack vectors. Read more.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Blogging can be enormously satisfying, creative, and rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. For some help with making the decision, check out Craig Shallahamer’s introductory session in his series How To Start Blogging To Propel Your Career:

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