Oracle Apps UX Team Report: Oracle OpenWorld, HCM Cloud, and Strategy Day

Check out the latest from the Oracle Apps UX Team. This group, which sponsored the ODTUG Scavenger Hunt at Kscope16, stays on the edge of everything UX.

Submitted by Kathy Miedema, Oracle Apps UX

ORACLE OPENWORLD: See what the Oracle Applications User Experience (#OAUX) team did during Oracle OpenWorld 2016 in San Francisco in September on the Voice of User Experience blog, or VoX, where we’ve reposted our most recent Storify collection. Here’s a short summary of the big stuff:

  • The OAUX Cloud Exchange, where the OAUX team demos near-future and future concepts, was extended to three days this year. Participants included Oracle partners, industry analysts, private customer tours, global media, legislators learning about technology, and a robot, which was part of an emerging technologies demo on virtual reality.
  • Several Cloud UX demos and messages popped up in general sessions, such as the Oracle ERP Cloud. The simplified UI designs central to the Cloud user experience were a new and exciting story to share with ERP customers, so we saw it in several sessions. For more user experience excitement, this time in the Oracle HCM Cloud general session, check out this tweet showing a voice demo from the OAUX team. (The audience actually applauded.)
  • About 250 people came through lab tours at Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores, Calif., and nearly 100 customers and partners participated in customer feedback sessions, focus groups, and a design jam at the onsite lab.
  • A new UX Rapid Development Kit (RDK) was also announced in time for OpenWorld. Read about what’s available now in this post on the Usable Apps blog.
  • The OAUX IoT workshops, a joint project with the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), pulled in about 200 people who attended workshops during three days at both JavaOne and OpenWorld conferences. More tweets are on Twitter, including a short video by ACE Director Tim Hall, who is using the chip that the AppsLab, the OAUX emerging technologies team, provided post-show. He also wrote about it in this post. The AppsLab team wrote about their experiences on their blog as well. 

ORACLE HCM CLOUD: In September Aylin Uysal, Senior Director, HCM User Experience, was part of an Oracle Partner Network Partner Cast. She discussed Oracle's HCM UX strategy with host Jonathan Vinoskey, Director of Global Partner Enablement, HCM Cloud, Oracle Sales, and Partner Academy.

Aylin also points to a recent video from industry analyst Holger Mueller from the Constellation Group, where he talks about what makes a great user experience.

STRATEGY DAY WITH ACE DIRECTORS: During OpenWorld, the OAUX team held a special Strategy Day for several hand-picked ACE Directors who are interested in the Oracle Cloud user experience. For a look at what they took away from that daylong meeting, read these posts:

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