Data Visualization and ODTUG Kscope17

If you’re an Essbase and Planning person like me, you might be a bit nostalgic for the days when we had some serious graphical reporting capabilities in our EPM toolset.  I’m talking back in the days of “Wired for OLAP” and “Hyperion Analyzer.”  I still remember amazing clients with traffic-lighted pin boards!  Sadly, those tools have long since fallen out of favor, and we have been left with products that were never really designed for serious data visualization (FR charts . . .  shudder).

All of this nostalgia must seem pretty amusing to my Business Intelligence colleagues, because they have had some pretty awesome data visualization tools for a while now, including:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence 12c (On-Premises)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (Cloud)
  • Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (Desktop)

It can be difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, and I’m a bit nervous about leaping back into the BI space.  (I was an early adopter of Brio Query.)  But it is time.  Oracle’s BI and Data Visualization tools have the potential to extend the capabilities of EPM, and that’s an area where I’d like to grow my skillset.

This year, ODTUG Kscope17 has an entire track dedicated to Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics, and that’s on top of an already packed BI track. If you’re interested in learning more about the products above, San Antonio will be the place to be.  Here are some sessions I plan on attending:

Expanding Your Data-Driven Story: The Next Chapter (Mike Durran / Stewart Bryson)

One of the great things about Kscope is that attendees get to hear directly from Oracle product management.  Mike is an Oracle BI product manager with a PhD in computational chemistry and Stewart is one of the best presenters in the BI track.  I want to learn more about Oracle Data Visualization and this is probably where I’ll start.

Oracle Data Visualization for the Finance Analyst (Kevin McGinley / Tim German)

This presentation feels like it was tailor made for me.  We’ve got Kevin McGinley, a well-known thought leader in the Business Intelligence space, and Tim German . . . an EPM guy who does exactly what I do for a living (but with a cooler British accent).  If these guys can’t bring me up to speed on Oracle Data Visualization, no one can.

Data Stories: Predicting Asset Prices with Oracle Data Visualization Desktop, Data Collection, and R (Jerry Ward / Kevin McNelis)

Step 1:  Write a program to scrape data off of a market website.  Step 2:  Analyze the data in Oracle Visualization Desktop.  Step 3:  Use R to predict the future price.  Step 4:  Rule the world . . .

Understanding How a Tweet Goes Viral Using Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
(Mark Rittman)

If you haven’t heard about Mark’s epic struggle to get his wifi kettle working with his Amazon Echo, you should definitely attend this session.  You’ll likely learn a lot about Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph and have a good laugh, as well.

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