Application Express Kscope17 Track Highlights - Jorge Rimblas

Jorge Rimblas, APEX track lead for ODTUG Kscope17, shares his recommended “don’t miss sessions” at ODTUG Kscope17:

Let APEX Access Your Computer Peter Raganitsch, Oracle ACE Director, FOEX GmbH

How to Use APEX to Build and Manage Automated Browser Tests Simon Hunt, MOD

OMG! JavaScript Straight from the Oracle Database Dimitri Gielis, Oracle ACE Director, APEX R&D

Performant Faceted Search Navigation in APEX with Oracle JET and PL/SQL Table Pipelines Erik Espinoza and Jason Canada, Viscosity North America

Unlocking the Power of the APEX Plugin Architecture Matt Nolan, FOEX GmbH


About Jorge Rimblas – Application Express Kscope17 Track Lead

Jorge Rimblas works at Insum Solutions as a senior APEX consultant. Jorge is also an Oracle ACE and has been lucky enough to present at various conferences throughout the year, including Oracle OpenWorld, RMOUG Training Days, and ODTUG Kscope.

Jorge first started using APEX when it was known as HTMLDB in 2005. However, he has been working with the Oracle database since 1995. Jorge is excited to serve as the ODTUG Kscope17 APEX Content Track Lead for the second year in a row. Aside from being the track lead, Jorge has also served as part of the APEX Content Selection Committee for a few years.

Jorge is looking forward to ODTUG Kscope17 in San Antonio because it brings back memories from his very first Kscope, Kscope12, which was also in San Antonio. Year after year, Jorge returns to Kscope because of the people and the high-caliber technical content. Jorge commented, “The friendships and connections I’ve made at Kscope every year have been life changing.”

At ODTUG Kscope17, Jorge is most looking forward to the ODTUG Community Night. He said, “The APEX Track holds the now famous Open Mic Night, during which anyone gets a chance to show off something they have been working on recently. This consists of lightning demo presentations, with no slides, in which people often inspire and wow the attendees.”

Connect with Jorge Rimblas on Twitter or his blog.


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