2017 ODTUG Innovation Award Winner & Honorable Mention

The ODTUG Innovation Award honors excellence in creative, effective, innovative use of Oracle development tools within ODTUG's supported communities (ADF, APEX, BI, Database, and EPM). The goal of this award is to honor developers – individuals or teams – whose passion and creativity shines through in their application of Oracle technology to address real-world problems.

For this award, we were looking for innovative, exceptional, ahead-of-the-curve applications of Oracle development tools that stood out as examples of “the next big thing” in Oracle technology or as unusually creative applications of new and emerging Oracle tools.

2017 was the first year that member voting was introduced to influence the overall Innovation Award winner. Member votes were combined with overall judges scoring to determine the Innovation Award winner and Honorable Mention. The winner was announced at the General Session at ODTUG Kscope17.


For those that were unable to attend ODTUG Kscope17.... drum roll please...

2017 Innovation Award Winner is Vincent Morneau with APEX Nitro.

Also, a very special congratulations to the 2017 Honorable Mention, Dawna Roberts with Rogers Group Inc.

About APEX Nitro

Nominee Name: Vincent Morneau
Project URL: https://github.com/OraOpenSource/apex-nitro
Innovation:  APEX Nitro makes coding faster and easier by hosting and distributing static files more efficiently within an APEX application.

Why APEX Nitro?
- Synchronizes your APEX app files from your computer
- Synchronizes your devices together
- Merges your files into one
- Minifies your files for faster execution time
- Uploads your files to APEX
- Allows you to use Sass or LESS
- Handles JavaScript and CSS errors

This project is innovative because it leverages the many benefits of Node.js and brings them to a regular APEX developer.

About Rogers Group Inc.

Nominee Name: Dawna Roberts
Project URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=KMebMTFK000
Sofbang and Oracle joined forces to help Rogers Group (RGI) pave the way to more profitable highway construction by combining AuraPlayer and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service into a platform for mobile app development, but also solved a longstanding EBS issue. 

Road construction is a low-margin business with a seemingly low barrier to entry – get a paver, a dump truck and go bid on jobs.  In reality, its best practitioners like Nashville based Rogers Group, are learning how to run their roadway projects with data-driven efficiency by using available cloud services to grease the wheels of information as it moves through the business.  With a goal to complete every job within its estimated framework and to that end, Rogers is using Oracle Mobile Cloud service to open a new connection between their ERP system and the people who run the job in the field.   Until recently, the foremen worked in spreadsheets – filling in employee hours and equipment used on the project and then put them in Google Docs for the back office to pick up, print and enter the data into their financial software.  Next, they would update the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) which could delay getting the information back to the field for up to a week.   Wanting to take the data they already had contained in their EBS system, Rogers was looking for one database system with instant, mobile jobsite reporting without having to introduce another system or forcing people to log into EBS on a PC.  

Oracle Platinum Partner and leading solutions provider for the Oracle Cloud Platform, worked with RGI to develop a mobile app using MAF and extending Oracle DB on their existing system.  By applying our Designed for Change methodology – a winning combination of agile development with reduced costs and risks used Oracle’s cutting edge Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) and a solution from AuraPlayer – Sofbang was able to extend EBS to mobile without redevelopment.  By utilizing Auraplayer’s technology - that “wraps” exiting application as a webservice to be ‘mobile ready” without changing code – Sofbang was able to unlock RGI’s EBS back-office system to the world of mobile by “plugging-in” the AuraPlayer services into MCS.  The solution fully supports the offline capabilities of MCS, where data is automatically synced back to the EBS system.  By utilizing this winning combination of technology and a top notch implementation partner, Rogers has increased efficiency and accuracy in maintaining business records, as well as provided the ability to see data and reports in real time. 

With the success of the MCS implementation, Rogers is now looking to take the current platform and taking their other on-prem applications to the next level of mobility -  applications such as their Diary module that allows their foreman and Construction Managers to enter the daily progress of the job.  The Internet of Things (IOT) is also allowing them to think to the future as well.  RGI wants to leverage their MCS investments and attach them to fitness devices to track their field worker’s vitals to ensure that they are not succumbing to health issues in the field such as heat stress, dehydration etc. Rogers also wants to add censors onto their trucks and equipment that will send notifications the Project Managers and foreman on the jobsite when they arrive/leave providing valuable real-time access to equipment and materials shipping as well as the ETA.   Finally, Rogers plans to utilize MCS and use drones to upload real-time image captures/video progress from the jobsite to the Construction Managers and clients.

Forbes Article: https://www-forbes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2017/03/16/four-ways-cloud-is-paving-the-way-to-more-profitable-highway-construction/amp/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=KMebMTFK000


A very special thank you to our 2017 Innovation Award judges, Stewart Bryson, Tim Tow, Tim Gorham, Mia Urman, Jeff Smith, John Booth, Peter Koletzke, John King, and Karen Cannell.

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