A Birthday This Big Deserves an Entire Year of Celebrations – Happy Birthday ODTUG!

If you think you know everything about ODTUG’s history – think again! We’ve picked the minds of many long-time ODTUGers and compiled this list of memorable ODTUG milestones. Here’s a short video highlighting some of the most memorable happenings in ODTUG’s history.

1990 – People interested in Oracle CASE issues began to meet informally and called themselves the Oracle CASE Special Interest Group (OCSIG).
1990 – OSCIG’s first conference was held at Keystone Resort in Colorado.
March 1991 – More than 80 OSCIG members met in Washington D.C. at the popular Oracle ECO Conference and officially formed an Executive Committee.
April 1991 – OSCIG held its second conference at Keystone Resort in Colorado.
September 1991 –The first issue of briefCASE, the OCSIG technical newsletter was published.
December 1992 – The OSCIG volunteer base was centered in Denver, Colorado. They began publishing briefCASE.
March 1993 – OCSIG held its third successful conference in Philadelphia in conjunction with the Oracle ECO meeting.
September 1993 –The next OCSIG conference was held on September 26, 1993, the Sunday proceeding the Oracle Users week in Orlando, Florida.
1994 – David Wendelken and Gokulnath Venkataraman were officially named as co-editors of briefCASE.
February 1995 – OCSIG was incorporated in the state of Georgia.
1995 – YCC became the OCSIG management company.
March 1997 – The OCSIG name was changed to Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG).
1997 – The first ODTUG website was launched.
June 1997 – Oracle Development Tools User Group name change was announced at the ODTUG Conference in San Diego.
September 1997 – the very first issue of ODTUG’s quarterly publication, Technical Journal, was released.
1997 and 1998 – ODTUG held a Spring and Fall conference.
1998 – ODTUG released its first online abstract, registration, and membership form.
1999 – ODTUG shifted from two conferences to one annual conference in June.
June 2000 – The ODTUG Conference attracted more than 1,000 participants.
2000 – ODTUG’s website won the Golden Circle Award, which was presented by the American Society of Association Executives.
2005 – The ODTUG Conference was renamed to ODTUG NOW.
2005 – ODTUG held its first virtual conference, called Desktop 2005.
2006 – The ODTUG NOW conference was renamed to ODTUG Kaleidoscope.
2006 – The iconic colorful Kaleidoscope logo was introduced to represent the ODTUG Kaleidoscope Conference. This logo is still used today.
June 2006 – The very first Kaleidoscope Conference was held in Washington D.C.
2007 – ODTUG released its first podcast.
2007 – ODTUG held its first Seriously Practical Conference.
2008 – Hyperion users chose ODTUG as their home user group. In June 2008, the EPM Community joined ODTUG as a technology sector.
2008 – ODTUG goes on Twitter.
June 2008 – The very first ODTUG Community Service Day was held in New Orleans during Kaleidoscope.
2009 – ODTUG won the Oracle Innovation Award based on the website being created in the APEX technology. Scott Spendolini worked with ODTUG to make this happen.
2010 – ODTUG held the first Seriously Practical Conference in Europe – Brussels, Belgium.
2011 – ODTUG Kaleidoscope Conference was abbreviated to ODTUG Kscope.
2011 – The Seriously Practical Conference was held in Sydney, Australia.
June 2011 – The official #Kscope hashtag was introduced on Twitter and used frequently by members to stay up-to-date on things Kscope.
2011 – Kscope11 Conference firsts: First conference in a convention center; first general session involving comedic videos during the General Session (John King has all of the videos on a cloud-shared drive); and the first "grand" special event on the Queen Mary.
June 2011 – The very first ODTUG Kscope Mobile App was released.
2012 – ODTUG’s first Executive Director Kathleen McCasland stepped down. Crystal Walton was named the new ODTUG Executive Director.
September 2012 – The very first APEXposed Conference was held in Montreal.
2012 – The Oracle Development Tools User Group organization name was abbreviated to ODTUG.
October 2012 – The ODTUG Technical Journal shifts to be an online-only publication.
March 2013 – The BI/EPM Seriously Practical Conference was held in Melbourne, Australia.
June 2013 – The very first ODTUG Social Media Lounge was introduced in New Orleans at ODTUG Kscope13.
2013 – The ODTUG Leadership Program officially kicked off.
2013 – The first class graduated from the ODTUG Leadership Program.
December 2014 – ODTUG held the first ODTUG Mobile Day in Reston, Virginia.
2014 – ODTUG launched its communities.
April 2015 – ODTUG held its second ODTUG Mobile Day in Utrecht, Netherlands.
June 2015 – ODTUG introduced the first ODTUG Kscope Scavenger Hunt and the first official ODTUG Kscope 5K.
August 2015 – Veronica Snow stepped up as Executive Director of ODTUG.
2015 – The first European Mobile Day was held in Netherlands.
In 2016 – ODTUG’s first female president was elected to the board – Natalie Delemar. 
In 2016 – ODTUG piloted beacon technology for session counts and conference attendance. 
2016 –The #GetInvolved campaign was launched in 2016 to reimburse individuals for starting Meetups. 
June 2017 – ODTUG celebrates 10 years of Kscope community service.
2017 – ODTUG celebrates their 20th birthday!

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