2017 – ODTUG’s Year in Review


2017 was an exciting year for the ODTUG communities! ODTUG sponsored 37 Meetups all over the world, including events in 13 different states in the United States, two provinces in Canada, and in London, Belgium, and Peru.

Thank you to all our members for taking the time to plan these events that bring members of the ODTUG communities together to learn, network, socialize, and have fun.

If you’re interested in hosting a Meetup in 2018, contact ODTUG’s community manager, Haleigh Hughes, at haleigh@odtug.com. For more information about starting a Meetup, click here.  

APEX Meetup Belgium.PNG   STxHUG Meetup Houston.PNG
                    Belgium APEX Meetup                                  Houston STxHUG EPM and BI Meetup

NYC Meetup.PNG   oracle apex peru.jpg

               New York City EPM Meetup                                            Lima, Peru, APEX Meetup


ODTUG hosted 73 educational webinars this year, featuring content from the APEX, BI, DB, and EPM communities. 2017 also marked the second year that ODTUG has sponsored and hosted the popular CodeTalk webinar series, co-sponsored by ODTUG and IOUG. Eleven CodeTalk webinars were held in 2017. Thank you to all the speakers who have volunteered to present and thanks to everyone who have tuned in for these FREE educational opportunities.

If you are an ODTUG member, you have exclusive access to all webinar recordings. Log in to start watching today! CodeTalk webinar recordings are free for the public and up on our CodeTalk YouTube playlist.  

If you have interest in presenting a webinar in 2018, email kgately@odtug.com to schedule a topic and time.

ODTUG 2018 – 2019 Board of Directors

In October 2017, ODTUG announced the 2018 – 2019 Board of Directors. Click here to see the full list of newly elected board members.

ODTUG Leadership Team

In November 2017, the 2018 Leadership Program class was announced. Congratulations to Jennifer Forbes, DeAndra Hayes, Lino Schildenfeld, Wendy Wilson, Neviana Zhgaba, and the 2018 Leadership Program Coordinator, Teal Sexton. Click here to learn more about the Leadership Program and meet the 2017 graduating class.

ODTUG’s 20th Birthday Celebration

In March 2017, ODTUG celebrated its 20th birthday. Here’s a fun video showcasing ODTUG’s history, starting in 1997 as the Oracle Development Tools User Group. The organization has come a long way in 20 years, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for ODTUG.

10 Year Anniversary of ODTUG Kscope Community Service Day 

At ODTUG Kscope17 in June, ODTUG celebrated its 10th annual Community Service Day! ODTUG Kscope17 attendees volunteered their time at Haven for Hope in San Antonio, Texas.

The first Community Service Day was in 2008 in New Orleans, shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans community. Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped make the ODTUG Kscope Community Service Day a success each year. We appreciate your support!

Here’s a video featuring the 10th annual community service day in San Antonio at Haven for Hope.

If you're interested in volunteering at the ODTUG Kscope18 Community Service Day on June 9, click here to sign up. If you're unable to attend, you can also help by donating

ODTUG’s Second Annual GeekAThon

Post-ODTUG Kscope17, ODTUG hosted its second annual GeekAThon! The challenge was simple: Use at least one beacon and its BLE signal to solve any problem in a meaningful way, be it personal, business, environmental, or otherwise. A panel of judges chose three winners based on many criteria ranging from creativity and innovation to purpose and documentation. Click here to read about the winning submissions.

Congratulations to the top three winners: Blaine and Alex Carter, Dick and Michiel Dral, and Kellyn Pot’Vin Gorman.

GeekAThon Sponsored by Metavero 

Kscope GO

ODTUG piloted a brand-new interactive game at ODTUG Kscope17 called Kscope GO. Special thanks to our friends at The Apps Lab, the Emerging Technologies team of Oracle Application User Experience, for creating this location-based mobile game and making it a tremendous success at ODTUG Kscope17!

Lumpasaur.PNG KScope GO 2.PNG 

Kscope Go 1.PNG Kscope GO 3.PNG


To stay up to date on all of ODTUG's happenings in 2018, follow along with @odtug on Twitter and search hashtag #Kscope18 for conference updates! 

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