Why #ThanksKathleen?

ODTUG has been around for more than 20 years now. YCC (Your Conference Connection) has been ODTUG’s partner during that entire time. ODTUG’s excellence is built upon its partnership with YCC.

YCC’s founder, Kathleen McCasland, served as ODTUG’s Executive Director until mid-2012. She has been a fixture at almost every ODTUG event. Kathleen recently sold her company to Brian McArtan, and now has minimal involvement with ODTUG.

The 2018 ODTUG Board of Directors made the decision to rename our cornerstone Community Service Day the “ODTUG Kathleen McCasland Community Service Day.” Because Kathleen was the driving force behind this event, the ODTUG Board of Directors felt it was an appropriate honor for such an amazing woman.

Additionally, we have started a #ThanksKathleen social media campaign. During this campaign, you will see a video featuring many current and former ODTUG friends—former attendees, presenters, board members past and present, and members of Oracle’s team. These folks wanted to honor Kathleen by sharing their memories and experiences with her. Hopefully, you will enjoy these clips, and they will help you understand Kathleen’s role with ODTUG throughout the years.

If you have memories you would like to share, feel free to do so with the #ThanksKathleen hashtag via your favorite social media channel. If you have something you’d like to submit to us directly, please drop us an email.

"#ThanksKathleen—for all you have done for ODTUG and the user group community. You’ve built an amazing and talented team at YCC, and your qualities are reflected in each and every member of your organization. You’ve personally helped me grow throughout the years, and your friendship means the world to me. I would not have been nearly as successful without you by my side." – Mike Riley, former ODTUG Board President, Vice President, and current Secretary.

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