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JUNE 2018

    ODTUG Kscope18 Updates

EPM Track Session Highlights
There is so much great EPM content coming to ODTUG Kscope18 this year. Click the tracks below to read about a few "can't-miss" sessions:

Essbase - Matias Panario
Financial Close
- Julien Coudrette
EPM Data Integration - Jon Harvey
EPM Infrastructure - Richard Philipson
EPM Reporting, BI Analytics, and Data Visualization - Teal Sexton

Monday Night Community Night - EPM Speed Networking and LipSync Battle - Sponsored by imageedit_5_2249672677.png
Get ready to meet new friends, have a ball, and laugh your face off at this crazy fun event. In keeping with EPM tradition, we are driving ODTUG Kscope to places it has never gone before with a geeky, silly version of speed networking where you might snap a selfie and get #Kscope18 and #KscopePuns trending on Twitter. Maybe you will share a laugh at a joke only EPM nerds get. You might even win a prize!

Then after we all know each other better, get ready for a roaring good time as we put five teams of well-prepared lip-sync battlers to the ultimate test. Your applause will choose the winner, so be sure to stay until the last mic drops. As Walt Disney himself put it: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

ODTUG Kscope18 Registration
Registration for ODTUG Kscope18 is still available! If you need help convincing your boss, click here to download our EPM community justification letter. Click here to register with our Standard rate. We hope to see you there! 

Product Management Corner
By Muthu Ranganathan, Oracle Corporation
It’s already been a couple of years already since we launched the evolutionary planning and budgeting solution – EPBCS (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) and we have seen a huge market adoption for the same. EPBCS was launched in May 2016 as a broader solution in the planning and budgeting area with out of box best practice frameworks for Financial Statement Planning, Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning, and Project Financial Planning. 

The interesting thing we see with EPBCS is how some of the customers are rethinking their planning and budgeting process based on best practice features in EPBCS. Let me illustrate a few of the trends we are seeing that customers are adopting with EPBCS.  Click here to download the full article. 

Featured Article
A REST API Primer for EPM Users & Developers - ACE.png Jason Jones, Applied OLAP
There’s a lot of excitement in the EPM world these days when it comes to REST APIs – and rightfully so. As a developer heavily invested in the EPM space I am excited about some of the possibilities these new APIs offer – and what they will offer in the future. But all of this great new REST API stuff can be quite daunting – how does it work, why should you care, where does it fit in with your overall architecture, and so on. And with ODTUG‘s Kscope18 just around the corner I thought it might be useful to write a primer – or a crash course of sorts – for the EPM professional on what all this REST API business is about. Also be sure to check out one of my presentations at ODTUG Kscope this year as I will be discussing the OAC Essbase REST API, how to use it, what it does, and more. Click here to read the full blog.
EPM Meetup Overview
Bay Area and Houston Meetup Recap by Amy Kubas, EPMI
EPM Intelligence (EPMI) is anxious to give back to the Oracle community by offering up-to-date education to their peers. This means it was a busy Q1 for EPMI, who, along with the South Texas Hyperion User Group and the Bay Area Oracle EPM Group, hosted two meetings, in Houston and the Bay Area respectively. 

Houston had a great turnout for their February meet-up with the main presentation being “Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) Overview”, with Rajesh Bahatia, Oracle’s vice president of product development, presenting. Topics included:
  • HFM vs Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) feature overview – What to expect?
  • FCCS data management – How does it work?
  • HFM and FCCS Hybrid cloud deployments – What does this look like?
  • Commonly asked questions – What to know before I begin?
In the second half of the meeting, Erika Loomis, one of EPMI’s customers, presented “Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) Customer Highlight.” Erika touched on the following points:
  • Difference between BlackLine and ARCS
  • Pros and cons of an account reconciliations tool
  • Level of business involvement vs. IT vs. third-party consulting
  • Lessons Learned and Q&A
The meeting closed out with “Stump the Experts” – Open Q&A on any topic with a panel of Oracle Hyperion Industry Experts.

The February Bay Area meeting took place at Facebook’s headquarters and the presentation was “Latest Developments with Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).” The guest speakers were Gabby Rubin, senior director at Oracle Corporation and Kumar Ramaiyer, vice president at Oracle Corporation. There was a happy hour immediately following, giving attendees the opportunity to learn as well as network.

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Standard registration is still available. Register today!


ODTUG Kscope18 Updates
Product Management Corner
Featured Article
EPM Meetup Overview
Blogs to Check Out
Upcoming Webinars
Get Involved with ODTUG

ACE.png John Goodwin - FDMEE/Data Management - Managing Period Mappings - Part 2
ACE.png Opal Alapat - EPRCS Series: Connecting  MR to EPM Cloud
Jun Zhang - EPBCS Lab – Enterprise Planning Prebuilt Business Rules
ACE Alumni Sarah Craynon Zumbrum - Ssh'ing to OAC, Running MaxL in the Cloud, & Essbase Cloud Service Diagnostic Logs
Kyle Goodfriend - Adventures in Groovy – Part 22: Looping Through Member Descendants
Brian Willson - Loading Data into FCCS
Kevin Black - New…and Cool Features in EDMCS

epm (1).png July 10, 2018, Noon - 1:00 p.m. EDT
All Roads Lead to SAP: Five Methods to Extract Data from SAP using FDMEE
ACE.png Francisco Amores, inlumi
Register Here

epm (1).png July 26, 2018, Noon - 1:00 p.m. EDT
Data Integration in the Cloud Era
Tom Blakeley, Performance Architects
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5/2/18 - New York, NY, EPM, Neviana Zhgaba

5/15/18 - Tulsa, OK, EPM/BI, David Wells

5/23/18 - Wichita, KS, EPM/BI, Mike LaBarge


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Bay Area Meetup
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