Symposiums and Deep Dives at ODTUG Kscope19


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Content Coming to ODTUG Kscope19

Thursday Deep Dives 
Join us for Thursday Deep Dives on June 27, where you can take the plunge and participate in expert panels or get an in-depth look at a concept or tool you've been wanting to explore.

Oracle Sunday Symposiums
ODTUG Kscope19 is unique in offering one full day with a choice of four symposiums at no additional charge. Start your week of education with this year's Oracle Sunday Symposiums. Sunday Symposiums are all about getting you extra time with Oracle experts, product managers, and development leaders. Don't miss this opportunity to kick off your week with incredible content. Sunday Symposiums include APEX, Database, EPM, and Oracle Analytics topics.                           

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The Dodeca Symposium is packed with tips and tricks, technical product information, and real-world case studies presented by Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System customers. The Applied OLAP team will share insider information about recently introduced features, details of the short- and long-term Dodeca roadmap, and an update on how customers are saving significant time and effort while getting more reliable planning, reporting, and analysis using Dodeca.                                              


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