Thank You to All Our Database Volunteers

This year the ODTUG Database community took on several new initiatives and brought the community what it wanted. More Content! ODTUG would like to all the volunteers below for their contributions to the Database community.

  • Jim Czuprynski for leading the Database community yearly activities, kickstarting the TechCeleration community engagement initiative.
  • Alfredo Abate for writing a great lead-off article for our new TechCeleration portal highlighting how easy it is for anyone to build sophisticated APEX applications by leveraging Web Service Modules and plug-ins. Alfredo is currently the president of the Chicago Oracle Users Group (COUG) and an Oracle ACE.
  • Liron Amitzi for contributing an excellent article for TechCeleration that focused on tuning techniques he’s personally used to analyze, diagnose, and repair aberrant SQL statement performance. Liron is an Oracle ACE Director and part of the leadership of the British Columbia Oracle User Group (BCOUG) in Vancouver, BC.
  • Kaley Crum who wrote a clever TechCeleration article on how an often-overlooked factor in writing SQL statements – implicit datatype conversion – often negatively impacts statement performance dramatically. Kaley is an Oracle ACE and an Oracle DBA for Riceland Foods, Inc. in Little Rock, AK.



ACE.png Alfredo Abate


ACE Director.png Liron Amitzi


ACE.png Kaley Crum

Jim C.jpeg

ACE Director.png Jim Czuprynski


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