• Develop and initiate policies and programs regarding the general direction of ODTUG membership, conferences, publications, and communications with Oracle Corporation
  • Attend the annual ODTUG conference
  • Participate in a monthly board of directors’ teleconference of approximately 60 to 120 minutes
  • Prepare monthly progress report(s)
  • Be prepared to attend a minimum of one face-to-face board of directors’ meeting in addition to the meeting at the annual conference
  • Maintain an e-mail address for board communications
  • Chair and/or serve on at least one active committee

ODTUG pays for all travel and per diem costs associated with official board of directors’ meetings. Board members are expected to maintain and pay for their ODTUG memberships.

Current Board Members Whose Term Expires December 31, 2012

  • Mike Riley
  • Barbara Morris
  • Cameron Lackpour
  • Tim Tow

Nomination Guidelines and Deadlines

All nominees must be paid ODTUG members in good standing. Please submit the nomination with a campaign statement, brief biography, and picture of the nominee in .jpg format.

  • The campaign statement (no more than 250 words) should include why you are interested in becoming a board member, your experience with ODTUG or similar groups, what specific talent/experience you possess that could enhance the leadership of ODTUG, and your goals if elected to the board. Feel free to add hyperlinks since nominations will be posted electronically. Hyperlinks will be counted in the word count.
  • The biography (no more than 150 words) should include your professional biographical information, experience with Oracle tools, current and past employers, publication information, education, and other background information that you feel would paint a clear picture of your knowledge of Oracle tools and leadership abilities. Do not include personal information regarding family or hobbies.
  • If you have previously served on the board of directors and resigned from the board, your nomination must be approved by the current ODTUG board of directors. You will be notified of your status by October 1.

Example: Mike Riley (2011 Nominations)

Campaign Statement

During the past two years, serving as ODTUG president, I have gained invaluable leadership experience. Alongside the other board members, we have grown Kaleidoscope in each of the last two years, despite global economic challenges, while continuing to provide the high-quality education, training, and networking opportunities that ODTUG is known for.

I have fostered many valuable relationships with our members, Oracle employees, product managers, software vendors, and other user groups while serving on the ODTUG board. However, the most valuable of these relationships are those I have formed with many of you, the members of ODTUG. In order to serve on the board, I believe it is important to understand the many diverse needs of our members, so that the board can work on prioritizing and satisfying those needs to the best of our abilities.

2011-2012 are pivotal years for ODTUG. We must continue to serve the user community to the best of our ability by forging stronger relationships with those groups mentioned above. We have to continue to focus on what ODTUG does—providing excellent value to our members. We must also concentrate on the job functions central to ODTUG—the developers and architects in the Oracle community.

It takes a long-term commitment and determination to put in the amount of time required to volunteer and properly serve on the ODTUG board. I remain committed to ODTUG, and hope that your vote will help me continue to serve in this capacity. Thanks for your consideration!

Biographical Statement

Mike Riley is the 2009-2010 ODTUG president, was the 2007-2008 ODTUG vice president, and has served as the ODTUG Oracle OpenWorld technical content leader, ODTUG SIG chair, and 2008 conference chair. Mike was named an Oracle ACE in June 2010, and writes a regular column for Oracle Magazine.

Mike is a project manager/DBA with Hortica Insurance and Employee Benefits, an insurance company dedicated to providing the very highest quality insurance products and employee benefits to the horticultural industry. Mike has over twenty years’ experience consulting with the Department of Defense, working for a large clothing and shoe retailer, in addition to his current position. He has led many successful projects throughout his career including leading a development team to create a rating system for worker’s compensation insurance, using Designer, Developer, Reports, and other third-party tools. He has also taken part in many database upgrades/migrations and disaster recovery planning and testing.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012 MIDNIGHT 12:00 AM (PST-US time)


Methods of Submission



Fax:     910.523.5504

Mail:    ODTUG

             2520 Independence Blvd. Suite 201

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