Kscope14 Sneak Peek: The Diversity of Oracle Essbase Presentation

One of my favorite tools to implement for organizations is Oracle Essbase. Once my clients get their hands on this powerful analytical tool, they fall in love with its abilities. Never again will they want to go back to the dark ages of tedious data collection and frustrating report-building efforts that were at one time performed solely in Excel.

Finance departments have long been strong advocates of Essbase because of its multidimensional nature. However, other departments in an organization can and should reap the benefits of Essbase. Join us at Kscope14, where you will learn how a global investment management firm is currently leveraging its Essbase investment to transform the diversity reporting processes managed by the human resources department.

Specifically, this session will highlight the following:

  • Understanding the old diversity data collection and reporting processes – what made this so painful?
  • Designing the dimensionality for the new diversity Essbase applications – what additional metrics was the human resources department interested in analyzing for its diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  • Deciding which Essbase technology to use – Block Storage Option (BSO) or Aggregate Storage Option (ASO)?
  • Developing simple, repeatable integration routines that would load metadata and data to the Essbase applications in minutes.
  • Using Excel going forward in a way that it was meant to be used – Excel becomes a friend again rather than a foe.

Our goal is that by the end of this session, your belief in the power of Essbase will be reaffirmed and you will be inspired to think of creative ways Essbase could be used to benefit other departments in your organization.

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