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A strong sense of community is a big part of what makes ODTUG such a vibrant and lasting organization Because ODTUG is run mostly by volunteers, its members truly understand the value of giving back. At ODTUG Kscope19 we are looking to spotlight cross-community initiatives by ODTUG members from the Database, APEX, Analytics, and EPM communities who have volunteered their technical skills in a collaborative effort to drive positive change in the world. Learn more about two cross-community projects from the past year, Hurricane Florence NCDOT Road Closure, Gas Station Navigation App and for all a beautiful earth (


If you have teamed up with members of the ODTUG community on a project that spans more than two Oracle technologies, we want to hear about it!


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Hurricane Florence NCDOT Road Closure, Gas Station Navigation App


The Hurricane Florence NCDOT Road Closure, Gas Station Navigation App served as a three in one solution that used the below verified data sources/technologies to provide NC residents the latest and most accurate information on road closures, open gas stations, and alternate routes to guide navigation around flooded areas after Hurricane Florence. ODTUG‘s main offices are located in Wilmington, NC, which means that the families and communities of more than 11 of the extraordinary people we count on to support our amazing user community were impacted by Hurricane Florence.


This app was built by Jayson Hanes, Alexis Galdamez, Adrian Png, and Neviana Zhgaba and was supported by many other members across all communities of the Oracle Developers Tool User Group (ODTUG) as part of the #TechGivesBack member initiated initiative—experts volunteering their technical skills for non-profit worthy causes for social good.


Data Sources


Technology Sources


 for all a beautiful earth (


fabe: for all a beautiful earth is an app (in development) which aims to create awareness of an individual’s personal consumption habits and inspire more environmentally-sustainable decisions.


This project was started by Steven Feuerstein and Vincent Morneau. It is being developed via online collaboration by 20+ volunteers globally, many of them ODTUG members and ODTUG Kscope participants: Adrian Png, Neviana Zhgaba, Hayden Hudson, Lino Schildenfeld, Helen Sanders, Benjamin Intsiful, Erica Harris, etc.


Front End

  • Framework: APEX 18.2 low-code development platform
  • iOs, Android, & Web app
  • Integrated social sign-in (Facebook, Google)
  • UI is mobile first, 100% responsive design
  • UI: Customized Material Design for fabe
  • Automated Testing with Cypress
  • Consuming open data as REST (e.g., list of endangered species)
  • APEX Nitro for front-end distributable files

Back End

  • Oracle 18c
  • Unit Testing using utPLSQL
  • Code instrumentalization using Logger
  • Multilingual i18n architecture using Oracle technologies
  • Oracle EBR (Edition-Based Redefinition) for 100% uptime
  • DevOps: CI/CD Pipelines (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

Data Storytelling

  • Oracle DV


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