#ODTUG Newbies: Kscope15: Are You Ready?

Kscope15 is now only weeks away. Buying your event ticket, scheduling a flight, booking accommodations, and dealing with your excitement are the easier tasks prior to your long-awaited trip to Hollywood, Florida. Attending a mega-event such as Kscope can be daunting for a first-timer: familiarizing yourself with the location, organizing your schedules, visiting booths, getting to know fellow developers and DBAs, and the list goes on.

Fret not! Many of the old-timers are within a tweet’s reach. Simply ask your question on Twitter using the hashtags #kscope15 and #rookie. Someone will come along quickly to aid you. Not convinced? Check out the enthusiastic response from the community when #newbie @HelenJSanders sought some advice recently:

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#ODTUG Newbies: Kscope15: Are You Ready?

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