How’d You First Get Involved with ODTUG?

I wanted to know how people first got involved with ODTUG so I sent out an email to some of my fellow ODTUGgers. Due to the sheer volume of responses I'll be posting multiple blogs to share their experience with you. Today's post highlights Francis MignaultScott Martinand Doru Pacurari.


I first got involved with ODTUG because of APEXposed! in Daytona Beach in 2007. It was a two-day conference (the first APEXposed!, I think) at the same time as ODTUG Kaleidoscope. I had been working with APEX for three years and decided to go since this conference/training was all about APEX, and I would meet experts that I was talking to on the Oracle Forum.

That's where I met Michael Hichwa, Scott Spendolini, Raj Mattamal, and Josh Millinger for the first time. It was the beginning of the APEX community. It was a very good conference / training sessions. I learned a lot and saw the importance of meeting others from the community. You can learn so much and get quick answers from the experts directly. Everybody was and still is very accessible, including the APEX Oracle team. In fact, everyone from ODTUG was very welcoming. Most of those people that I have met at that time are now good friends and it's always a pleasure to meet with them every year. I have never missed another Kscope since then... wow, time goes by so fast!

~Francis Mignault, Insum Solutions


My name is Scott Martin and I am a villager and an ODTUG member. I first got involved with ODTUG about five years ago. I'd gotten a new job and one of the perks was being able to attend Hyperion conferences. Checking the pulse, it sounds like Kaleidoscope in New Orleans (that year) was now the place to go for good, technical Hyperion content. That turned out to be a great decision. Not only did I get some amazing technical info, but I also met a great group of people. I've made it back to this ODTUG sponsored event each year since with no regrets!

~Scott Martin, Deloitte


doru_pacurari.jpgI first heard of ODTUG at Oracle OpenWorld 2010. Monty Latiolais was giving a presentation, and he talked about the upcoming events hosted by ODTUG that drew my interest. They were about programming Oracle.

Then, in 2011 and 2012 I checked the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference presenters, and decided to attend it in 2012. What a blast! Very well organized and top presenters for the APEX topic I was interested in.

~Doru Pacurari, West Virginia University

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