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Experts Panel: Should I Migrate My Oracle Forms Applications?
Topic: Developer's Toolkit
Owner: Mia Urman
Date: 2013-10-03
Subtopic: Best Practices

This session will be an Expert Panel (hopefully of 4 Oracle product managers Forms, ADF, .Net and APEX as we had in the past) and Open Q&A about if, when, why, and how you should migrate your Oracle Forms and to which next generation technology. We will begin with a 15 minute overview of the vision of Oracle Forms going forward by Micheal Ferrante the Oracle Forms PM and then introduce the panel and let them briefly introduce themselves. Then we will go one by one and each expert will present their point of view. We will have one representative of each major development technologies, including Java, Oracle ADF, Oracle APEX, and .NET as well as new third-party development tools. We will conclude with an open Q&A where the audience can ask anything of our panel.

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